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Oatmeal Pancake

thanks to Marathon Bloggers Group [ Have you still not checked it ? ] I come across so much awesome information , tips , food for thought and more food ideas . 2 weeks back I saw this Oatmeal Pancake recipe on Tanu’s blog and since then , I wanted to make it for breakfast some day. Finally after losing the recipe , and somehow recovering the link from browser history [ who says it doesn’t come useful ] I made them today :

Oatmeal Pancake
Oatmeal Pancake

I so so much loved them 😀

Next time i am gonna get maple syrup or mango jam for pancakes.

Story – 3 : A bit of him and her

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The breakfast was finished in silence, though he could see she enjoyed the food a lot. She washed the dishes and scolded him for not cleaning the kitchen while he gathered some of her broken stuff.

How did you know this needed to be fixed” she asked suddenly staring at the things she never got time to get repaired.
“I have a spare key to your flat, right”
“So..” she stopped in mid sentence, staring at his back as he worked under the luminous light of store room.
“Yes, I visit this place regularly. Mostly to eat the last night’s left overs. You cook a lot better than the guys who cook in my home” he replied what was not asked, but meant to be.
“Just you alone ?”
“yes. and if you ever saw a tall guy outside your office, you should know his name is Mahesh. He is my hired eyes on the world against you.Do not talk to him though. He is a shy person.Very shy”.
“Ok, I will not. I will send my best friend to ask him out for a date, maybe.” she said aloud as she walked back to the kitchen.
“Will you stay for lunch?”, she asked few minutes later when the tinkering noises stopped and she assumed him to go back reading some of the books he read. Every time she bought a new one for him, it was an omen to her of his arrival. She never read these books but took great care still.
There was no reply. She sighed ! He was gone again, without another bye.
It was the same every time. He came , ate with her , and left late in the night.
Only yesterday he had stayed the night. Though erratic, she was surprised that she had liked him around.
She smiled as she got reminded of how peaceful he looked when asleep.

She came to lock the door, and found a note for her on the table – his handwriting too difficult to miss.

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