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Only a night..

When words failed to educate,
with silence did i try to object;
When tears failed to communicate,
with smiles did i try to fill the recess;
Only a night from old to new,
I severed all my ties with you.
When you failed to change your path
with a sigh did i give another try
When you failed to make it last,
with a broken heart i did cry.
Tainted freedom was what you gave
instead of dreams of a love filled place



Prompted @ 3WW , Carry On Tuesday

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – March


when she rode

With gentle steps she entered home,praying not to be seen by dad.

“I saw you.Learning to ride on the beach” she suddenly heard him shout.
“I was just..” she tried to speak in vain.
“Do you have any idea how it looked ? a girl of your age doing something like this ??”
“But I only ..” she was cut off again.
Vulgar !! that’s the word. you hear me !!”

And this went on till she started to cry hard and promised not to ride again. Her brother never even tried to learn and she actually rode it. But she knew she would not get any praise for that.

The bicycle was anyway sold next day.

Prompted via Thursday Tales
Submitted to 3 word wednesday
Image Credit to AtXU