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when I think of home

There was a time, I could have said I have no home – my parents own one and that’s a place I would be welcome always. I live is a cozy room with one of the sweetest soul I know and that’s a place I forever want to return each day – to the same bed , books , that make shift kitchen , those welcome smiles of my friend and our shared space. I feel grounded when am in there – just myself. The honest , open and enlightened. But love has gone some where else. There is a place I have started feeling homely even when I have never been there. A small bed facing the tv , a computer and book rack nearby , a huge window that opens to a view of a lovely tree that’s home to many birds. pets running around the bed in circles , trying to reach me as smell of tea and fresh cookies fill the air. That’s a home I dream of. That’s the home I want. To paint the walls with our smiles and to fill it with colors of our togetherness. Where each season is welcomed alike and celebrated with music and words.

That’s a home I want for myself.
That’s a heaven I will make my own.

Some day , I hope.

A little while

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali

A little while,
more my love,
he whispers in my dreams
A little while
is all I need,
before this dreams cease to be;
A little while
you must wait
his unhurried touch speaks
a little while
is all I have
to let you know how I feel;
a little while
I understand
I have to make myself believe
Many of these
little while
is what life turns out to be.

Prompted @ The Mag , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday Scribblings

In Life’s journey

the roads pause
even if you do not;
round and round
the landmarks appear;
each experience lead to
same old thoughts;
midway or not –
its the point in life
we never realize
before it has passed
and we find a stranger
suddenly residing
within our heart and mind –
a new you,
prepared for
the new journey ahead…

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday

Originally inspired by Musical Poetry Prompt : Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote

whenver we meet.. (#novpad day 21)


“Love is blind”,
so was said long ago,
“and lovers cannot see”
that drowned my hopes,
to ever be able to speak,
the silence smoldered
the fires,oblivious to my sky
trapped in a planet of dreams,
fleeting glances of  you,
like ice to the my tired feet,
pierced holes of longing
in the soul already battered,
and eyes so devoid of sleep…


Prompted @ November PAD (day 21) , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday whirl

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Only a night..

When words failed to educate,
with silence did i try to object;
When tears failed to communicate,
with smiles did i try to fill the recess;
Only a night from old to new,
I severed all my ties with you.
When you failed to change your path
with a sigh did i give another try
When you failed to make it last,
with a broken heart i did cry.
Tainted freedom was what you gave
instead of dreams of a love filled place



Prompted @ 3WW , Carry On Tuesday

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – March



Call it lame, or the easy way out, i have decided to make this a Gogyohka post 😀


Poetry i seek
does it qualify me
an apprentice
when will I qualify
to seek poetry


A gloomy day
a windy day on that
can you not blow
few warm thoughts
packed in your smile


how can magic not happen,
if you ever loved some one
true or not,long or short,
wasn’t it a fairy tale moment
when the first thought came undone.


Prompted @ OSI , Carry On Tuesday , Poetry Potluck ,

Submitted also to Z to A challenge – G , One shot Wednesday

and for those who are on twitter, check some of the most wonderful gogyohka poetry here

Love – yours and mine

We are each the love of someone’s life
Just am not in yours; nor you in mine.
I lie not when i say i wish this was true
’cause i loved you,but never realized !

’cause i loved you,but never realized !
until i saw you as love of someone’s life
I lie not when i say am happy for you
i don’t deserve your love,nor you mine.

i don’t deserve your love,nor you mine
I lie not when i say,quite late i realized
am happy,of my love,none ever had cue,
i fear i would have lost your friendship too.

i now fear to lose your friendship in life.
I lie not when i say,quite late i realized
We are each the love of someone’s life
I was never yours,you are one of mine.

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday , where the prompt was to use the opening of The Confessions of Max Tivoli by Andrew Sean Greer, 2004 in your post.

Also Submitted to Big Tent Poetry.

Colors in life

This is my favorite spot – colorful, peaceful and unkown to the rest of the world ! Its hard to be alone for the most renowned designer in the country. But today I was free to go on a memory trip today while waiting for a very special guest.

I remembered my childhood – a skinny average IQ girl from a poor family who was considered good for almost nothing unless you count being scolded in every other class except the art class.

I remembered the day my first love, the topper of my class in college has laughed at me and asked, do you really think you are worth what you ask ? And that was when I first decided & replied with all my conviction “You don’t know about me yet, but one day you will”.

And then I remembered my first exhibition after I  finished learning design and architecture. It  was the annual cultural fest in the city. Lamps and lamp shades of glass , plastic or thick paper, in varied shapes and colors and as many different bulbs surrounded me – my face lit more with pride over my designs than the multi-colored lights from the lamps. And then SHE walked in, the small, shy looking girl with a huge grin on her face, colors playing on her pale skin, twinkle in her eyes. She was intently looking at one of the lamps.

“Do you want to buy this?” I asked the lady with the girl.
“I should, she rarely smiles for anything or anyone like this. But look at her now, she can’t stop grinning.” the lady replied with a warm smile.
As I turned to ask the girl which color will she like for her lamp, the lady cut off my sentence fast, “She can’t hear and she can’t speak”

“I am sorry to hear that about your daughter” I said recovering from the shock.
“She isn’t my daughter. I am her mentor. She lives in an orphanage. Me and my friends go there every weekend to spend time with these kids any way they want.” she explained to me.
“You are the light to these kids” I said softly to herself but it was audible enough.
“No, we are like your lamp shades, that get beauty from the light that’s inside these kids” she said as she took out money for the lamp.
“No need, its a gift from my side.” I said as i hugged the girl and gave the lamp to her.

She looked at me for a moment before hugging me back.


That was the changing moment in my life. I had found my calling. I was going to be a successful designer for sure but not for all. I learned more about the challenges of physically handicapped/challenged kids in our society and then i designed things for their easy use. It also gave me the reason to spend time with them, know their needs, their dreams and desires.

Today I am waiting to meet the girl again, the same who made my life seek the real cause for living. I heard she is a successful painter. And today she comes to meet her inspiration for colors – Me.


Prompted @ Tales Thursday , Submitted also to Carry On Tuesday

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In line

I know i stand in line
and don’t have any say
but i pretend it’s fine

For bit of sunshine,
to prickle down my way
I know i stand in line

Is love never to be mine
hopes grow and die each day
but i pretend it’s fine

don’t you again assign
to break me like clay
I know i stand in line

Either mortal or divine
each does my soul slay
but i pretend it’s fine

Give me just one sign
life forever won’t b gray
I know i stand in line
but i pretend it’s fine

This form of poetry is  Villanelle (Click to learn more about it)
Prompted @ Carry On Tuesday
Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday