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Distaces of heart,are true loss.

Written for 6 Word Saturday


Today at Toads , the prompt was to take inspiration from one of the songs in the playlist for a poem. I chose Hymn for the weekend and the only reason is that the video for this song was shot in my home country and I am a little homesick this week before the birthday.

Wonder what distances mean,
for hearts that beat as one;
every smiles and tears
shared over video calls;
days split in time zones,
never missing a moment
to celebrate each special day –
birthdays, anniversaries, festivals
every single one kept on hold
waiting for me to return home;
families – strength to survive
and the reason I go back
to memories carefully wrapped
in prayers I never felt in the past –
Family is a hymn, the angels
guiding my passage to God.



Month of Birthday.s –

Mine on 13th ; My professional life on 23rd.

My parent’s relationship on 26th.

A month of celebrations –

birthdays, anniversary , festivals, holidays.

A month of wait –

Waiting for one wish,

waiting to hear from him,

A month of preparations –

of gifting your loved ones,

of hiding disappointment

of another year – same or not.


Linked to Month of the year challenge #2 , G-Man’s flash friday 55

Against all odds

This is for the month of November , the 30 poems for PAD , the milestone of 500 posts and for the December month challenge that I will host.


The odds are high
high as you make;
make if you really wish,
wish for undying desire;
desire to jettison fear –
fear of being left,
left unread or unheard;
unheard are the words
words that can not;
not mob their way out,
out on paper or text files;
files that find ways
ways to behave as they will;
will you still not write,
write your heart and mind ?


Also linked to 3ww

Cleansing act

Cooking was a passion with both of them. He just took it a step further – burning their negativity, the cleansing act. The dough was kneaded together by both. Lumps of it would be rolled and baked till burnt. Each would tell of the fear, anger or temptation they had the past week. Then it was time for celebrating love – by baking the perfect cake and having it with ice creme to melt away the sadness. It always worked even if they sometimes skipped the burnt bread part !

Written for 3WW