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birthdays , anniversaries, festivals
some how they lost meaning for me
except birthdays I can say,
specially mine , if it is a memorable day.
But there are some other dates,
I celebrate with all my heart,
I love to cherish and live those hours
when we met , when we loved,
when we fought and later kissed,
when I proposed, when you finally did too,
when we were engaged, and officially “we”
when we celebrated these days,
even if I had to remind you the dates;
These are my favorite celebrations
and they led us here today –
a wedding in three weeks,
a life time of dates to note and make special.

Happy Holi


Hearts set free
Of dark thoughts
Let your clean soul
Invite colors to life. 

Holi is the “festival of colors” in India. Where people celebrate the arrival of Spring season by playing with colors and water. A day before the festival is celebrated as a “celebration of good over evil” where in bon fire happen in the evening.

More details for wiki here.

Written for March challenge [ Day 19 – Clean]

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