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Be prepared to change

Offlate I am talking to a lot of people in office and outside about what they want to do and how they plan to go about it. Most times people have much dreams and aspirations to make money but not the will to work for it. How can one expect to stay comfortable and still make progress?
It is also foolish when you decide not to let yourself be stagnate or your knowledge be rusted. The ever moving economy and dynamics of work demands one to be on your feet and walking in same stride as with the business needs. Ask not what the company can do for you , but what have you done to help your cause first. If you keep doing the current work best without planning for next step, there would be no change in where you are. Gradually you will be forced to fade into the increasing masses of people like you.
One has to be well read , well informed and prepared to leap into new challenges if you ever wish to make a difference to your own life and living.

Bridge-d talks

Breaking the silence of the deserted park, she heard her cell vibrate. A message from him – “Can I get MY Khushi* back?”
She smiled, the first thought being,he finally saw that she has changed.At the same time,she was troubled with the emphasis on “my”. She knew she could not ignore the message, neither was she in the mood to reply yet. She looked down from where she stood, in the center of the bridge.she loved the reflection, the semi arc in and out of water, completing a whole circle. She called it the eye to her heart and soul. Standing on the bridge, she always thought there was another Khushi inside the pond. The one who was just like her but a bit stronger at times.If she was the body and mind, the one in the pond was her heart and soul.She smiled at her own reflection , her soul part and typed the reply, “We both knew the rules.With time, the rules had to change.We knew that too, right ?”

A leaf fluttered from the nearest branch and fell into the pond, disturbing her reflection, like the trouble waves in her heart.
Almost same time, she got another message, “I do not know what to say. Did i offend you or something ?”

It was time she faced her reality. She braced herself against the cold air as she sat down on the bridge, her back against the sun kissed railing, and typed :
“No, its not what you said or what you did not say. Talks of my wedding are going on at home. And with that hunt, the tension is high around me. I just can not concentrate on others right now. Better be left alone.”
A minute passed before the cell buzzed again, “You can not tell me who I should leave alone and when”
He was impossible, she knew, “Neither I intend to do that. I just need to sort my life at this moment, get into the routine of meeting strangers , weighing the pros and cons of any proposal based on I don’t know what, be prepare to be misunderstood at times and still deal with being rejected ’cause I lack the beauty and poise of a lady [ according to my relatives] and when I finally get married,  maybe then, I can try being the one you liked.”
she felt anger pierce the calmness she came for, to this place.
“But you will not be mine, any more.”
“You friend will still be yours.”, she typed, not knowing where that conviction appeared from.
“I shall wait to have her back, then.”
“You could have told me all this before.”

“I know”, she typed but then deleted it. She never was going to tell him any of this. She could not tell it to any person who knew her better than this guy. She stood up straight, done with the weekly dose of contemplation, aided today by his questions. Determined to make the best out of her days, and to not let these feelings come to surface again, she finally inhaled in the beauty and stillness of being in that moment at that lovely place..

With a smile, she wave good bye to her reflection and walked towards home.She had to make true of her name.

*Khushi is one of my favorite names. It means joy/happiness.


Prompted @ 3WW , Sunday Picture Press , Inspiration Monday

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