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Phantom emails

Sometimes when I write to you, and you do not reply , I wish there was some way I could know the email reached you. That you read it and understood it.As if sitting across you, I could see the expressions on your face.

I imagine getting up in the morning and wondering how would a phantom reply from you look like ? What color would my inbox show it in ? Red of love or Grey of wait or the ink blue of expectations ? I imagine you thinking of a reply in your head but not typing it. Can we have an access to such a storage capacity ? where all unwritten replies are kept . Can I log in there and ask if you have unknowingly left some words for me there ? Do they stack the emails by sender name or by receiver ?

And yet , getting up to your messages definitely cheers me. No matter how hard it was to get any sleep last night. No matter what I wrote in the email last night. No matter whether you read that or chose not to reply.

The day belongs to you, to Love, to you loving me.
The day belongs to the smiles your love bring to me.

Need you – National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo #1)

Here are 2 places I am gonna haunt for prompts and reading :

Poem a day


And of course am gonna write too 😀

SO here we go :

Each week, you return to me
with no new words or messages,
each week I welcome still
with open arms,smiling
at the god’s gift
even for time being.
I tell my fears and secrets
in details,shamelessly
to you alone and spaces
that your kisses leave
between my curses
to you,myself and living,
struggling to be free
of either you or the habit
to need, regularly.

Written for PAD#1 : To write a communication Poem