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Shadows in dark

(Inspired from this post)

She walks holding his hand, he – the child of the dark. she knows he is getting used to her shadow entangled with his dark aura. he likes the warm glow she has he tells her. she says its only when she is with him but he just nods. Together they walk thus, holding hands. Their souls walk a step behind, arms linked , her head resting on his shoulder. they look back at the scene, laugh in the eyes, and walk into a new dawn.

A dream ?

Her flesh turned colors
from deep red to pale green
like the devil he dreamt of
each night of the last week.

with razor sharp nails,
she tore his heart aside
leaving a pool of blood
crawling around like reptiles.

Next she plucked his soul
that lie hidden in his eyes
and when she was done,
she hypnotically collapsed…

It was a dream he thought
when his hysteria woke him,
to find a green face in the mirror
and her heart, like resin, burning .


Blame watching “supernaturals” these days, for this poem 😀

Linked to 3ww and Monday Melting

Standing (proud) ?

I see a sweet little girl, trying to balance her tiny feet on the sidewalk ; one feet ahead of the next ; holding her fancy dress in her pink fingers. But not for a second do i confuse her with me. I am not her , She is not me. She should not be. Not ’cause i wasn’t this happy and playful when young but ’cause i am not like her today – 20 years later.

I laugh at myself still though knowing well it’s for world’s sake. I curse myself for my mistakes and yet make them again. I live in the pain of lost love and treat it like ecstasy. My words are fueled from the darkness that lurks in my life. The days are brighter than they should be – don’t you know that light turns others blind too ? the nights darker than they could be – i even hide my shadows from myself.

I don’t ever hurt others – its considered a sin ! I betray none, bother none. No one is allowed to love me any more though i seek love from many. I hate just my loneliness as much i enjoy my solitude. I am contradiction that agrees most with my doubts. I am tears in motion, fears that feasts my soul.

I am all this more – And i wonder how i became so ! where is that shy girl gone  ! One who loved just herself and laughed on just her own reflection.

And yet you do not need to worry – I stand tall and proud ! Isn’t what the world thinks i am  !!

I act what you want to see; I do what you will never like to !



This post was started as prompted at Thursday Tales but the real inspiration came from “Imperfect Prose”. i rarely let my ideas go this way. and am not really sure if i did it well.



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dark thoughtsLock it deep,
block it forever,
Poke it never,else
choke you,they will
all just in dreams.

Prisoners they take,
slaves they do make,
in your fears they live,
to you,tears they will give.
all just in dreams.

repeat them not,
heed to them never,
remembered if ever,
pretend to think not
all for your dreams.

dream,live,play but dare
you make rulers out of
your worst nightmares !

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