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I feel you close #OctPoWriMo

Why do I then feel you close ?
each time I think of my first lines
why do I see you in each pause?
when I get cut by a rose
did I miss the warning signs ?
Why do I then feel you close ?
the happy smiles and the pose,
was there ever a truth in that time ?
why do I see you in each pause?
In words were your feelings enclosed,
yet I never read them right,
Why do I feel you close ?
for many , it was what you chose,
why then were tears all mine,
why do I see you in each pause?
you taught me life, from ashes you rose,
till your death pushed me into confines
Why do I then feel you close ?
why do I see you in each pause?
I never have a “words unsaid” moment with some one living. Nor do i have any thought left to share with people lost. But there is one guy , whose death did break my heart , whose absence is still felt some nights. Even if for sharing my poems and smiles beyond the distances. This is for some one who left us all on will and that’s something I can never know why.
After this , I went back to read this post which I had written about this special friend and I feel , the poem is not complete without the whole story.

Life’s fountain

Across the walls,
the lined heaven’s halls,
I heard you laugh
over some silly talk.
Parting the waters,
busy in your chatter,
you stepped out in sun
among mortals one.


In the temple I prayed
to see you once again
not aware it might attract
your soul out of death pact.
Just when I wanted to call
and wished you would halt,
you smiled at me so nice
it filled me with a light.
speaking to me in my mind
you asked me to wait for time
when its right to meet again
at foot of life’s fountain.
Years I spent searching
in forests and clearing
for the fountain you meant
and realized now, its my death


Prompted @ Poets United , Also linked to DVerse Pub

Night of horror

She stood in the terrace of her tower and smiled at her sinful creation; her son from the devil , the lover of death, worse than she wanted him to be. And that made her feel so powerful. she hummed to herself and bounced from one brewing pot to another. He stood in the corner , watching her mix the ancient potions for him , his blood lust making him even more sinister, his lover waiting at the door steps to embrace other mortals.

A night of horror awaited the city.

This was the train of his desire, he knew. but how to convince her to let him board it, he mused.
Standing on the platform with him, she knew how badly he wanted to be on the train, only if she gave the slightest nod with her slender neck.

They both saw the train enter the platform , people getting in and out of it; she saw his restless fingers struggle to come out of his jeans pocket and touch some one;he saw her expressionless eyes scan the crowd around them and tilt her nhead in disapproval. Suddenly her eyes turned cold and dark, she turned to him and said in a haunting voice, “The next train will be your reward, if you can stay still till the arrival.”

He dare not move after that , till the next whistle filled the station. The next train arrived – full of people of all ages. The smiles hurt his head like hammers, the hugs and kisses were nothing but a blur to him as he was let free finally, to mingle in the crowd, to bruise some , grope others for fun,push a few over excited kids and mark the cosen ones to be dealt with later.

That night , death knocked on those doors behind which hid the marked humans.He sat and watched them twist and turn in dreams at his will. He laughed when they screamed, and kissed them goodbye as his poisonous fangs went red with their blood. These were the purest of souls he fed upon, the ones that made him more like the devil with each soul he sucked.
  Tomorrow another train will change some more lives.

Prompted @ Monday Inspiration and Sunday Picture Press

Dear V

s t e a l s

t o u c h e s

r e m e m b e r s

I N S P I  R E

This poetry form is The Brevette (click to learn more)

(This is something i never let out of my heart to any one. This goes to a very special Angel like friend  in my life.)

Dear V,

I just knew death makes people sad for the loss of loved ones. But how sad, i never knew or even wanted to. But not all happens to out liking. Neither was your death. How long had we known each other ? A month maybe or even less. you had the cute dolphin pic as your avatar when we first met on the networking site ! you wrote lovely poetry and I adored each of them. that was the link between us. Reader first, then friend and later critic too. And then you did not appear one day. Whole day I waited, but no sign of you, no new poetry (you remember you wrote 5-6 poems a day).

Later that day, I heard some news of a student committing suicide out of peer pressure.I was upset, felt bad for him and the family. Thought he did not have friends. Next day too I did not see you online so decided to drop a hello on your profile. Your page was full of people asking about you. Asking if you were really dead !! And then it dawned on me – the suicide, the news ! You had lots of friends, you were adored and loved by so many. Then why did you ?? I would never get those answers, yet i asked them there on your page ! Some random people commented how funny it was to leave a note for some one who is already dead ! But i knew you will know. you will read each one of them. You never left any message un-replied. I wanted to cry that night (maybe i did cry in my dreams).I turned away from any dolphin pics for a long time after you were gone. I never read any poetry for a week except the dedications for you. And I realized how hard death can be. It was dreadful. Losing you was terrible. The reason was terrible. The effects were lasting.I closed my account last year. But i wish i could visit your page. Maybe you would expect me there. Maybe you have finally gone to reside in heavens. wherever you be, Know that I miss you. More than anyone i loved in such short duration. Maybe my poetry roots go back to reading yours. You live for me still. You always will.


May your soul be in peace
and your memories flourish
Hope death was kind to you
as you fulfilled your death wish…


Always in your fond memory,

Your Miss Smiles.


Submitted to One Shot Wednesday


It was your fault to wish for death;we too don’t like raging up suddenly”snapped the waves to the lover,who had lost his girl few days back.

Prompted @ Microfiction Monday


My hard realized lesson for this week again is something i learn, forget and need to re-learn in life :

“YOU don’t DESERVE,if you beg”

Be it love, money,success or just anything you have to beg for, realize you don’t deserve that ! Maybe you deserve better or maybe do not deserve it at that particular time, Bottom line : The effort not worth it !

Remember this and you might be happy most times 🙂

Submitted to 6WS