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She had come so far that there was no turning back now, she had convinced herself all the way.
He stood on top of the stairs, waiting for her with a smile that was too troubling for her heart.
She took a deep breath and turned away before she had a change of heart; She would not become his secret lover even if she loved him more than the world.

Written for Three Line Tales #190
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A to Z challenge : I am “scared”

There always were things
I did not know,
about myself,about you;
there always would be stuff
that would remain unsaid
and so unknown to me and you.
This unknown did not matter
till last night,when less was said
and many questions it left;
where we stand,where we flow
its a hard decision,we know
hold on to me,as we face the storm.
It will not help,to turn away
it might be the best,to hold our place
yet it scares me,the bonds we break;
the words we leave behind,
the world we plan to create
are we too early , or too late ?