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Happy birthday Dearest.

There’s a knock on my heart
new dreams and hopes make a queue;
But I turn them away for now ,
And rather send them to you.

A new song bounces in my heart
looking for rhyme in the head ,
But I lock it away for a little while
and wait for your cue instead.

A smile is born on the whispering lips
chanting your name day and night,
But you know it already I guess
I belong to you, from time indefinite.

A love we share,balanced on respect
a touch of divine in our routine life;
A dream we share,from heart to heart
a promise of faith to make you mine.

He claims love

When love knocks your door, oh wait , love is not that polite. It has a nasty habit of poking you , nudging you , teasing you and winking shamelessly at you when you are with that special someone or thinking about him later on. The whole world might await or ask about it in whispers and you will walk away, lying about it – to yourself and to others.

Then one day , lying on the grass , watching the sunlight play blinking games with you, you feel the butterflies in your stomach as he leans over you and kisses you, the very kiss you dreamed about from weeks just happens without a warning or planning. While you were waiting for grand signs, love came and made home in your heart and his in subtle ways on just another day.

That night , you write in your diary, with most sheepish grin and stars in your eyes. you declare in capital letters to yourself, “I AM IN LOVE”.

And life goes on. In love. With your love. For his love.
The moments melt , like yin and yang , like smiling tears or tearful smiles , like a make up kiss or the useless fight.
You are not you. He is not him.
“We” live to love.

Early not,nor late
the world will hear the music
his love claims me

– I miss you, friend –

Shadows haunt my happiness,
a shade no one can see;
the joys plenty in my lap
tainted by my own wishes.
the tree studded paths
I walk holding love;
but the air is different,
also the filtered rays above.
Each laugh freed in day
returns with a memory
that steps into my heart
and stabs before going away.
Am not sad,if you ask
neither have been happy so
I am just missing the friend
the best,the one I need always.


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A dedication post.

All these years , from the first day we met or the last time I heard from you , I have written a number of lines for you . And yet , I feel that no words can ever express the joy that you give to my heart , just to think of you , to have known you , shared my dreams and fears with you and the fortune to be a part orf your life. To be that part , which you will not forget as long as you live.

Cheers my dearest friends.
To hopes that we meet and smile together again.
To memories to keep the love alive till then.
To the promises we made and wish to keep still …
To pain of psuedo-farewell to keep the feelings alive…

Today and forever.


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Fairy tale

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey.

It all began when he held out his hand to her, and without a word, she started walking with him. she never had questions, he never answered. Silence did its job when eyes ever met, and it happened more than often. He was the star of her life – not the brightest but the constant one. She was the cloudless moonlit night in his universe and nothing could be as beautiful as her any day.

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey.

But he never asked her. He set out to search moon on other planets and forgot the map she had once drawn on his palm for him. He said he was better alone, forgetting the time she filled his lonely nights with dreams.

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey. If only he had held out his hands once more ….

She now writes farewell fairy tales to share when he returns…

Answer to my calls

Some S.O.S calls are bizarre just for the fact that you never made them. some times you stand at a point in life, like at an empty booth and pretend to make a call to random stranger. You tap on the smudgy side glass to check if some one noticed you and feel both good and not. Good that no one would call you a fool and sad that the hopes to get some one to talk would be lost. Ghosts of your restless wishes seep through your sub-consciousness and without realization you make a call to God.

I might have made one such call, when I met him. silent and reserved, he was unlike any friend I ever had. Attentive and sensitive were some of the other words I would later describe him. A smile to fall in love with and words to die for. A friend I dare say I did not deserve , some one I never expected to come across even.

When you meet friends, we talk , and talk more and talk till we depart. We share stuff , we hide some, we smile more and cry so less. I had always known such friends. And they are one of the best. But little did I know even silence had a way among friends.

Nestled between insane talks and crazy stories , silence like shadows lined the street we walked. For fun, we faced the scorching heat of summers and challenged each other to slide on the ice grounds in our make-believe world. But often found ourselves staring curiously at the world and shrugging it off with carefree laughter.

Once some one commented on having a friend with whom she doesn’t have to always talk. I found it amusing as well as a challenge to be such a person. Today I realize i have found that friend in him. I never have to worry what next to say to him, what next to expect to hear. Never am I in a hurry to tell him my stories neither does he hurries his narration. We remain silent and engaged in our own task, without a care. This non-compulsion to speak is something I value the most with him. nothing I say around him or do, makes me feel odd or even him I suppose. This is indeed a new experience and one I will cherish forever.

thank you god for such a wonderful friend.

thank you dear friend, for making of such valuable memories.


When nimue met Arpita ;)

An awkward hug and introductions done,
setting the context and randomness,
venue reached and feel the energy flow
check random stalls,some more explored;
books attract, so does book-full talks,
while among illustrations, and stories we walked.
Books bought (as expected or maybe not)
the shine in eyes bright even at the thought,
Oh did I mention the mean call made,
to make some one jealous of my day;
sizzling hot Momos and chilled fruit beer,
not more interesting than our banter though;
Books were borrowed,the objective of meeting met
but more special was the mutual feeling
of reaching out to similar minded gems.

I wish I had few pics toa dd here, anyways , This post is a memory of meeting Arpita today afternoon. I had always enjoyed her reviews at the book blog I am a part of. but meeting was so much more fun ! Looking forward to see you again soon.

And oh, thanks for the treat 😉

Enjoy the books 😀 !

She – a lady I know

Silently she hears
from people unknown
of things, men and women
others are jealous of;
of colors and fabrics
and the patterns worn;
of this and that and more,
she listens,smiles
but will tell you not;
she knew it better
even before you told;
she’s forgotten by most
but her senses still
can beat yours.

Written as a dedication to one of my relatives I love to talk to. She maybe not one of the best persons I know but she indeed has a brain worth being jealous of.

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