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My friend in delhi

There was a time i did not live in NCR. And that time, only friend i had in delhi was him. So this tag !! He is one of the reason that september is special to me (other reason being my mother’s b’day).

Words do not define how i feel about him or what he means to me – All i know is that he is one of the few friends who like me the way i am , who will stand with me no matter what i do, who has always managed to not lose me in the crowd , who has fought with me so i do not forget him ever, who has listened my woes at 3 am, who did not hang up even when i called him “coz i did not want to be alone when i cried” !

This is for you my dear –

so perfectly
how friendship should be
you must love,fight,forgive,love more
if you really desire
to keep close
some one


Thank you for not just teaching me this lesson but also living it for me ! Hope i do not let you down any day !!


Wriiten for Months of the year challenge – September


This post is a way to express my unsaid feelings for few people. So i dedicate this to following special ones in my life :

One who made me laugh so much to make me forget a bad day,

One who made me cry so much that i was empty of pain;

One who listened to me so well that i felt all important

One who refused to acknowledge me,adding to my strength;

One who wiped my silent tear,gathering my battered soul

One who turned his back on me,it lead me to newer hopes.

One who loved, cared, loves and will always try to be so

Also to those who made me weak, remember i still love you all.


Inspired by #LettersIneverWrote hashtag on twitter by canis poeticus.

Submitted to Z to A challenge – D , Re-blogged for One Shot Wednesday

Blessing in disguise

His enthusiasm was scary
but the smile so charming
His praises sounded dreamy
but the way he said was sweet.

He confused her with his ways
yet amazed her with his wit
He challenged her thoughts
without ever demanding it.

He opened the doors for her
to the world she longed to see
but had marked as forbidden
for reasons unknown to be.

He wasn’t the first or the best
of people she liked in her life
but he sure brought to her
the joys she has lost to time.

God send for you his angels
in forms and ways we know not,
but the blessings be felt as friends,
irrespective how you come across.

Dedicated to my new friend “donkey” 😉

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – November


Monday knocks with poetry pot(luck)
some well versed, some random thoughts
on sunday (I) scribbled on few of my dreams
and memories’ lot. My one (single) impression
on words we hear oft, all this and more i find
when i reach One Shot (Wednesday)
Three words and an images roll
(thursday)some  tales will be spun
if friday flash 55 is to be made fun
Some times i dwell in the big tent (poetry)
and walk along the (poetry) rally too
Imperfect Prose touches my heart
and yet at times haiku(heights) gives me a start.
how can I ever be out of ideas and words
when all these stand as my blog’s best friend.

By now you must have realized this is a compilation of all the prompts i attempt every week. These are the biggest reason for me not to have had a break till now. Thank you.

Written for Z to A challenge – I

PS : All these prompt sites are linked in my sidebar under “inspired by” section.