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#StartANewLife. Move ! Happiness is waiting

One thing leads to another , they say. And that’s how most tales begin or end in real life too.
I met Yogesh after I moved to Delhi and one of the major reason was that I had started to depend on him for any information or help I needed regarding places and transport in Delhi. But the reason and circumstances that led me to delhi were nothing I had imagined.
It was Dec 2010 , I was working in Bangalore when my parents had asked me to come  home urgently. Little did I know I was supposed to meet a guy , the prospective groom that my dad’s best friend had suggested. I was recovering from a break up and was not really ready for such a step but I still went ahead with the plans. The guy was nice to talk to and within half hour we were chatting quite freely. This was good enough for both the sides and within an hour , I was formally engaged to the guy.
To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I could not believe what had happened and for a whole week after returning to Bangalore ,  I did no tell even my best friend about it. I had met the guy just one more time before leaving Delhi and that was on my insistence ’cause I wanted to be sure about the whole scene and perhaps about the guy too.
Life soon became a series of calls and emails between us but there was no warmth and feeling of being treated special for me. I wanted a lot more and somehow was not convinced at all that the guy liked me. I had already resigned from my current job without even having another job in hand ’cause my parents wanted me to concentrate on wedding for few months and find a new job once I returned from  Bangalore. One disappointment led to another and things kept getting worse between us. No amount of talks and suggestions improved his attention towards me and one day I called the wedding off. I had to convince my parents ( threaten actually) and turn a deaf and blind attitude towards all the over concerned relatives but I knew I had to do this for myself.  I thought of staying back in Bangalore for a few more months but I knew I had better return to Delhi and face whatever was in store for me.
3 months at home without a job and constant reminders of a failed engagement later I got a job in Delhi and in August 2010 i settled in this city. Finding a PG was a hassle as back then , we did not have services like https://housing.com/in but as was in luck , I found a very caring set of people and later best friend too.
I found a caring and loyal friend in Yogesh when we first met in September 2010. Inspite of all hurdles and differences,  3 years later, we married each other.
My move to Delhi was not a happy phase but who knew it was the very thing that would give me happiness for a life time.  All we need is now a home to call our own where we can build our own heaven. And I know just where to start searching when time comes !

A date with Dilli Haat

Delhi Haat or dilli Haat , whatever you may call it , captured my heart like no other place in Delhi. I have been to this place again and again and always found a new love for it.

This post is to make me learn a bit more about the place and share the same with you.

History :

Delhi Haat was established and opened in 1994 with the joint venture of Delhi Tourism (DTDC), D.C (Handicrafts), NMDC, D.C. (Handlooms) and Ministry of Tourism and Textile, Government of India.In 2003 this market became accessible to all the tourists. currently , it is managed by DTDC .

About :

Delhi haat has 62 stalls which are given to each vendor for 15 days. that’s how you will always find a lot of variety in this place [ though its a little expensive too than other markets ] The place is more known for all the wonderful festivals / events / fairs that are held here.

Till now I remember attending Comic Con [ its again happening on feb 8-10 ] , Uttrakhand organic foods fair [ The pickles , snacks , jams and the natural oils and soaps were many and so decently priced ] , the Indian weavers fair , North Eastern Trade Fair and a few more .


Dilli haat also has numerous food stalls  , representing different states of India.

My pick would be  – Vada Paav from Maharshtra , Jalebi  from Rajasthan , Momos from Sikkim + Fruit Beer , Kulfi of various flavours , Biryani from AP stall , Shrikhand from West Bengal.

( I am a veggie so can not tell about the non veg delicacies )

Best time to visit is daytime in winters so you can bask in the sun and enjoy your time shopping / eating.

but if you love the lights and hustle bustle of a market , evenings are best for you.

How to reach : Walking from INA Metro station

Enternace to dilli haat. Had some lovely photos of myself here :D
Enternace to dilli haat. Had some lovely photos of myself here 😀
some stalls
some stalls
Just inside the dilli Haat. Loved this lamp
Just inside the dilli Haat. Loved this lamp

Promise you better pictures next time.

And oh, The pics are courtesy Ibeingme

Here is the page on Delhi tourism site