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1. Find the crystal ball that fits in your palm perfectly.
2. Give a concrete form to your desires; your wish will be granted if the ball becomes warmer.

Helen read the instructions as she entered the cave of desires, determined to not leave till she has the answer for her wishes.

After spending hours trying multiple balls, she was yet to find the one holding key to her question when she saw Dave standing at the entrance.

“Before you seek your ball, I wanted to tell you that I wish you to spend rest of your life with me.” He said, then turned back to the village.

She smiled as she realized the crystal ball would not be needed anymore as her heart was glowing warm already.


Written for Six sentence Thursday

Lonely Desire

Loneliness grows,
adamant,I fabricate
peculiar desire.

Prompted @ 3WW and Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Today in Poetry Spotlight, I share with some wonderful lines from Jen to her daughter . I bet many of you would relate to these :

Did I give her all the things she needs?

Did I give her all the things she needs?
To earn, to respect, to fight, to be free
Did I teach her well, did I do it right?
Who knows for sure, I gave all my might.
Common sense tells me she’ll be alright.


Read the whole Poem here

I wished fire

Oh how i wished there could be a fire
in eyes that talked so much,
in hands that yearned to touch
in heart that beat much faster
in words that  were said never.
But all i felt was an overpowering desire
to let eyes drink all that you showed
to let hands trace the things you owned
to let heart play music to your beat
to let words die before i could speak.


Written for We Write Poems [ fire] , Submitted to Poets Rally [week 41]