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I surrender

your dreams approach me,
as i begin to relax in mine;
breaching my privacy,
baring my soul naked,
they tease my senses,
arouse my desire
untill i whisper
your name between sobs
of guilty pleasure,
like embers of my flesh
aglow in your gaze,
I surrender to you,
your need of me,
and mine of you …


Prompted @ 3WW

His food

He was hungry.

Not the usual “I want to eat/read/write/have sex type hungry”
He could have enough of anything he wanted – yeah, even sex too.
Yet, he had the feeling he was hungry. He wanted more.
He wanted ..  Well he did not just know what did he want.
And then he met her – And evetything made sense to him in that moment

He was hungry to be troubled – no one he ever met could make him feel NOT wanted.But her looks did – her arrogance gave him a high , her indifference was his favorite food. Her words of rebuke were his song, her cruel smiles were his reward for persuing her still.

And then she decided to acknowledge his efforts – She went to him and slapped him hard. That night he slept peacefully after weeks.  Next day they went for their first date.


(I would have never daredto explore my writing in this direction except for 2 people whom i have lately been reading. This is for you guys. Thanks)