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– I miss you, friend –

Shadows haunt my happiness,
a shade no one can see;
the joys plenty in my lap
tainted by my own wishes.
the tree studded paths
I walk holding love;
but the air is different,
also the filtered rays above.
Each laugh freed in day
returns with a memory
that steps into my heart
and stabs before going away.
Am not sad,if you ask
neither have been happy so
I am just missing the friend
the best,the one I need always.


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Night of horror

She stood in the terrace of her tower and smiled at her sinful creation; her son from the devil , the lover of death, worse than she wanted him to be. And that made her feel so powerful. she hummed to herself and bounced from one brewing pot to another. He stood in the corner , watching her mix the ancient potions for him , his blood lust making him even more sinister, his lover waiting at the door steps to embrace other mortals.

A night of horror awaited the city.

This was the train of his desire, he knew. but how to convince her to let him board it, he mused.
Standing on the platform with him, she knew how badly he wanted to be on the train, only if she gave the slightest nod with her slender neck.

They both saw the train enter the platform , people getting in and out of it; she saw his restless fingers struggle to come out of his jeans pocket and touch some one;he saw her expressionless eyes scan the crowd around them and tilt her nhead in disapproval. Suddenly her eyes turned cold and dark, she turned to him and said in a haunting voice, “The next train will be your reward, if you can stay still till the arrival.”

He dare not move after that , till the next whistle filled the station. The next train arrived – full of people of all ages. The smiles hurt his head like hammers, the hugs and kisses were nothing but a blur to him as he was let free finally, to mingle in the crowd, to bruise some , grope others for fun,push a few over excited kids and mark the cosen ones to be dealt with later.

That night , death knocked on those doors behind which hid the marked humans.He sat and watched them twist and turn in dreams at his will. He laughed when they screamed, and kissed them goodbye as his poisonous fangs went red with their blood. These were the purest of souls he fed upon, the ones that made him more like the devil with each soul he sucked.
  Tomorrow another train will change some more lives.

Prompted @ Monday Inspiration and Sunday Picture Press

A lonely soul

NaPoWriMo Day#6 prompt was “Ekphrastic Poetry” . I had always wanted to write on a musical prompt to see how much I can engage myself in a musical piece. After listening to many videos , this one caught my attention and so the following lines were crafted –



In land of mortals,
I walked proud and tall,
smiles in my pockets
butterfly dreams to walk.
In lanes of beauty
I grew without care
till my soul hummed,
and sang happy tales.
Devil incarnate
you set your eyes on me
trapped in neither world
I was doomed to be.
a long time you took
to set the traps right
was it not hard on you,
to burn in the same fire!
stripped of all logic
In dungeons my soul rot
day by day it sank deeper
scared to see any hope.
I dreamed of you still
feeding on the sole desire,
to taste your pain once
and breath into your fire.
To whisper in your ears
words that were unknown
to be punished severely
for sins i only thought.
did i amuse you enough
or were you hurt as much
from the idea of my love
from the passion in my touch ?
Since the day you vanished
I wonder why you left me so,
mending, hurting, bleeding,
a lonely heart,a battered soul.