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Discovering about myself

what you’re discovering about yourself.

Even before Emily asked this question , I was already walking on the path to accepting another flaw in me [ maybe I am being over critical ] , thanks to a gentle nudge in that direction from a dear friend.

I can not be happy too long


As much absurd this sound to even myself , I feel there is certain truth to this statement. I am more comfortable being a little sad or upset about this and that, but I can not believe everything being perfect or out of my hands. I have to be a little low and kind of become the reason for the same.

Idiotic ?

Yes, It is. And I admit this behavior is strictly in check from past months.

But I slip once in a while.  And every time I am thankful for the helping hand I get from my friends and family. I need to be scolded a bit at times to make me realize how my moods are affecting the people close to me. How I can not always blame myself or fear the worst.

And those days , I place faith on people who love me , on the guy who thinks I am worth all the love and care , on my family who feel proud of who I am and on God to guide me out of these depressive storm brewing on the horizon.

I guess writing helps too ( I see I am smiling a bit as I wrote this)

So that’s what I discovered about myself today ( again ) and I promise my love , I will be better tomorrow and for days to come.

*hugs to myself*