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#DramaReview : He’s coming to me

He’s Coming To Me (HCTM) is a supernatural BL (Boys Love) show from Thailand which has a good mystery element to it too. HCTM is the story of a boy who can see ghosts and a ghost stuck in the mortal world. In one of his earlies visits to the cemetery with his dad, Than meets the ghost Mes. Mes does not have any family to offer him ceremonial food so Than offers candy to him. From that year, he visits Mes for a few more years whenever he goes to pay his respect to his grandmother and his father whose grave is nearby to Mes.

Many years later, when Than is all grown-up, he starts visiting Mes again. This time he asks Mes the reason for being stuck on Earth as a ghost. Ideally, all souls go back to heaven and are later reincarnated. Than finds that Mes does not know the true reason for his death which might be the reason that he is still on Earth. After his last visit to the cemetery, Than feels bad about leaving Mes alone with no visitor and decides to bring Mes to his college dorm. He promises to help Mes find his identity and the reason for his death so he can leave this world.

The other prominent characters in the story are Than’s mother and his college friends – two other guys and a girl who likes Than. There are two other ghosts in the cemetery with Mes who have kept him company for all the years and offer him both good company and support when he is down.

Once Than & Mes starts living together, they form a beautiful friendship as they hang out with each other. Than teaches Mes about the changing world while Mes helps him with his studies. While Mes had no one from the outside world to meet, Than had his own reasons not to feel close to his best friends and been struggling with his thoughts. Mes helps him unburden some of these thoughts and gradually these two lonely people develop deeper feelings for each other without being too vocal about it.

Than’s & Mes attempts to find about Mes and his death add a good pace and story arc to the show. It is not just a side plot but was very integral to hooking me to this show.

HCTM : Than & Mes

HCTM starts off on a very sweet and funny note as Mes finds that the kid visiting him can not only see him but understand his requests too. The initial scenes between Than and Mes as really adorable and by the end of episode 1, one can not escape the charming Than’s infectious smile. Ohm Pawat who plays the role of Than has done a brilliant job in portraying the sweet innocent college guy who is funny, loyal and also flawed & confused as many college kids are. Singto who plays the role of Mes is already a well-known actor. His amazing acting skills can be seen in each of his impeccable expressions. Whether it is the happy puppy looks in the beginning when he first comes out of the cemetery or the scene when he realized his own feelings of this doomed love, I could not stop admiring him in the show.

The college scenes with Than & his friends are so natural, fun and much relatable in their talks and actions. One can feel that some of the supporting actors are chosen carefully and they add so much value to the show in every interaction. Than’s mother’s character is of very modern friendly mother and was quite an interesting one to watch in the show. Ohm totally shows his skills in the scene where Than comes out in front of his mother. In fact, HCTM has one of the best coming out scene among all  BL shows I have seen so far.

I had heard of Singto’s brilliance before but this was my first time watching him & Ohm in any show. Their on-screen chemistry was so magnetic that one feels drawn towards this story and before you realize you are emotionally invested in their fate. I am glad I picked this show based on the plot and the fact that it is just an 8 episodes long show. This is one of the most underrated BL story

This series was the winner for LINE TV Awards 2020: Most Dramatic Scene: Ohm & Singto. [ I would not post the scene for that will be a spoiler but the award was well deserved ] Here is a part of Ohm’s speech after accepting the award –