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Come back,will you ?

From Magpie Tales

desires blossom
seeds of not so random thoughts
grow deep in my head

It was dream, now I know. But I wish I had not been smiling about it still. Friends adorning the flashing images like jewels in a king’s crown. But does my life looks any brighter ?  Isn’t it obvious I was thinking of you subconsciously ? Laughing with a childhood friend on a silly joke , teaching how to make tea for another , meeting two of them for lunch , and suddenly finding myself alone in bed. The dream was still on i assume since i was not in my own bed. I do not want to think about the feeling of being in his bed – he who swore to never return.

pain flows,relished
in the bitter taste of tears
painted in my dreams

Isn’t it foolish to have my joys at mercy of other’s presence. Or is it a valid human behaviour to miss the people we care for. Only if some one cared enough to notice that. I pick each dream and replace the people in them with one from my present. The ones whose thought make me smile – not as good as the dream but at least i know it’s for real.



Written for Magpie Tales , 3WW , Sensational haiku Wednesday , Monday Writing prompt

A world with you

The only dream of a different world i ever had, was to live with the one i loved [ or so i thought] And so the “new world” always brings these feelings to surface.


It was a silly dream i know
living together forever
love would never have grown
It was a silly dream i know
Seeds of  new world i did sow
now weeds it though gather
It was a silly dream i know
living together forever.

living together with you
It was a silly dream i know
not even a weed to hold to
living together with you
some facts are as untrue
as the challenges they throw
living together with you
It was a silly dream i know

Seeds of  new world i did sow
though no hope i ever had
love would never have grown
Seeds of  new world i did sow
It was a silly dream i know
i wish it was better dead
Seeds of  new world i did sow
though no hope i ever had.


Prompted @ Theme Thursday , March challenge

The price

She dreamed this most nights ; the same scene all nights – she is in a blue room full of white roses. As she bends to smell one , she wishes it was red. She doesnt know why she wants a red rose but she just wants it. and then she moves on to the next rose. After few roses, she realizes its a round room so all she does it smell same flower again and again.

She considers this dream to be a omen in her life of every significant day. And it was a good omen in her life indeed until she went to that rose exhibition. The blue round room had hundred of roses in all possible colours. But it was a white rose she touched and wished it would be red.And she heard a man pass her muttering “Some wishes have heavy price”. she turned to confirm if it was said to her but the guy was lost in the crowd.

Later that night , she had the same dream and when she wished for the rose to be red, the thorns on the rose sprang to life. They pricked her fingers to make them bleed. She cried but the blood did not stop till the rose was red. and then she saw the same guy standing next to her; admiring how beautiful the rose was.

Next day she was found dead with blood dripping out of her fingers and a message scribbled next to her body “I thus pay the price”.



Prompted @ March challenge (day 12 – Horror) and Thursday Tales ( Image prompt)

Dreams meet reality

I build a dream for me
pulling bits from reality
and patched the real
with threads of my thoughts.

It wasn’t easy to do
but it was so much fun,
that i forgot to create a corner
to hide in,if time comes.

Soon my arms ached
holding the dream intact,
my senses deserted me
as real life started to press.

I was willing to pay
any price i would be asked,
to keep my lovely dreams,
out of reality’s cruel clasp.

The payment now is to forget
where dreams and reality ends,
and trust your sane thoughts
to sustain this explosive blend.


Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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On edges of my dream

On the blurred edges of my dreams,
where i search for you each night,
I found you once waiting for me,
smiling at me,or maybe on my plight.

It was a dream i know for sure,
you stood as the royal unicorn,
I remember just your smiling face
as time witnessed a tryst of souls.

You told you will wait till eternity,
but I was forbidden to yet,sleep forever,
unless I was done with spreading love
that was meant for you,but shared never.

There was some one else,worthy around
who would hold me just like I always wished,
the way I see in my dreams each night,
he is the one,the true anchor of my ship.

Saying so you left me on doors of dawn
to open my heart and let love rule it again
to make space for the cheerful dreams
and let your memories wash away the pain.

Each night since then,I dream of you
full of pride and care,my royal unicorn
to me you always will be the real star
no matter who says “you are no more”.



This poem was first written as inspired by the pic in the post, it was edited and lengthened to be submitted to the feature magazine Fried Eye. Posting it after its been published there in their latest volume.

Submitted to Poets Rally Week31

And i take a chance to formally acknowledge my award for last rally. Its a wonder 3 people voted for me and made this possible  !! Thank you Jingle for the grace you bestow on me and to all the readers of Poetry Rally !


Perfect Poet Award Rally 30
Perfect Poet Award Rally 30

Won it for 3 votes at thursday Poetry rally !!!


Beach i dream of

These days I often dream
dream of the deserted beach,
beach in colors red and blue
blue not of the cloudy sky
sky that reach to touch the sea
sea of colors green and gold
golden like the sunset we await
await night to break the spell
spell of this love filled beach
beach that i dream of often now.

Prompted @ Poetry Potluck , Submitted also to One Shot Wednesday


This week for One Shot i attempted a loop poetry where the last word of a line becomes the first word of next line too.