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Blessed by words – post#600

When winds refused
to raise the wings,
i grew for years
to help me stay above;
I cut them one by one
dripping blood and tears
and into a shell i went
away from all dear ones.
But words are stronger
then i ever imagined
a golden ray of hope,
I caught for escape.
only words did keep
the promise to stick,
people came closer
and some were let go,
but always did god grant
a special one to hold.
To all those special
and dear ones I raise
a wassil for lifetime
whether i stay around
or decide to move on.
today you people matter
and i wish to keep it so
till we forget our blessing,
and have our dreams lost.


This post#600 is dedicated to every one I met in my journey of writing on this page. Thank you every one. Bless you !

A special mention to the love i got from few people in my life that has kept me loyal to my first love – the love for words.

Prompted @ The Mag , OSI

Hello Visitors (#napowrimo day#2)

Hello visitors,
this you know is my dream;
a place I hope you know the limits
and the rules; yet unknown to me.
you show me places and events
that happened not,or maybe could have
some I wish never come true
others I feel I knew before you.
My mind’s state reflected often
my dreams I feel are powerful potion
made of your power of love
fighting my desperation for some.

Prompted @ sunday Scribblings (Reflect)

Napowrimo#2 : Write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 on the day that you were born. Find it via this page  . Mine was –  The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush

Apr PAD#2 : write a visitor poem

Giving up

The twisted hallways,
that her thoughts made
were sources of illness,
she knew;
Miracles ceased to happen
with the last of his words,
echoing within gestures
she later saw;
Singing of bleak hopes
she hands her dreams
to the light that follows
her destiny;
Delivering justice to all
but none to carry her flame
she cries hard and gives up
at his grave.

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday Whirl wordle

Priceless friends

Many words, öne reason.To claim back from you, the dreams you extracted out of me. Like the water drop that does not know it can fill the sky with a rainbow. You were that light in me. You never found flaws in me but a beauty in imperfection. You never shied away from letting me know how much difference i made to your life every day. Your words i would cuddle up to each night and imagine to wake up in your hug. To sleep talking to you was a luxry i loved. All this for just being myself.

And each day since you left, i searched for that comforting hug. In vain i heard what people said to me but no words opened the locks in my heart. Unless in the same month, different year, i met the friend who like you filled my life with similar joys. A real one to take your virtual place, a shy and witty creature like you but a lot more caring. Even the tears shared with him, make me strong as he holds my hand. My fears and doubts flee from the trust he shows in me. And i often wonder whose prayers took form. You sent your shadow and soul to hold me while i await for the final leap of faith.No comparisons, no similarities would have prepared me for this wonderful time. But I do hope you know i will always cherish you and the friend you hoped for me. you both make my past and present respectively and yet you so effectively shape my future. 


All for you, as much and more than what you gave me.

This is dedicated to two of my best friends.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – September


How can you make your dream true and let it not shatter too ? How does one dispel the fears and doubts that you have  in yourself. Yesterday I was watching the dewarists show on TV. Every episode of this show has inspired me not for the wonderful music they make but more with the passion with which it is done. The fun that they have in making the song – right from the collaboration , the lyrics and the music.

And I realized that unless you believe in a dream, unless you are willing to share it, it is never going to be true. As a friend told me last night, at every step, there are going to be people who would think you are wasting your time. Many will think, this is not the way to be rich and famous. But you decide, what is your driving factor ? is it money , fame or just a satisfaction that you are doing what makes you happy. There is a limit to each factor and there are boundaries you stretch. Priorities change or maybe new ones come into picture. there are days when you might be tired or just want to give up. But patience and faith in your work keeps you going. And when you stand back and look at it, even if it did not come put as great as you wanted, it will sure make you proud ! you do not have to wonder why you think a little different from others around you. Or if it will even work in the end. The bottom line is you have a idea and you are willing to work on it. That content smile is what I am working at. That sense of freedom from my own thoughts. To take it up not as a hobby but more as a project that needs my time and attention more than anything.

And the lessons learned –

Be true ! Be patient ! work hard and Dream on !!


Here is the show promo where Raghu dixit and Guru Rewben talk about the beginning of their journey :


And here is the whole show if you want to check. The song at the end is really worth it 😀


I surrender

your dreams approach me,
as i begin to relax in mine;
breaching my privacy,
baring my soul naked,
they tease my senses,
arouse my desire
untill i whisper
your name between sobs
of guilty pleasure,
like embers of my flesh
aglow in your gaze,
I surrender to you,
your need of me,
and mine of you …


Prompted @ 3WW

Make it Big

“Make it big”
how many times
had she said this
for her life;
and more times
she heard others
talk the same
about her art;
But can she ever ?
People loved her
and so her work
or maybe vice versa
but did any one know
who she was,
seperate from
her work of art;
Did any one realize
what made her excel
in art but not life;
what dreams she broke
to paint her words,
what words she lost
to create false dreams;
with head in clouds
and feet on thorns,
burdens of reality
tied with flowers
of a different future;
she could make it
she would have maybe
if only she was not aware
of the price it cost
to lose yourself
in making true art
and the debts one bear
to alienate from
the glittering fame.


Submitted to Poets Rally

I fly

Balloon of my dreams,
heavy with expectations,
can not put me down.
No!Not any more.
Into the sunlit clouds
I fly, maybe not high,
I still sing aloud.

Prompted @ One shoot SundaySunday 160



Today as part of Spotlight, i searched the archives of a friend’s blog and found this :

Spilled Ink

by iBeingMe


I remember every word

That you told me was assured

I recall that night

When I reclaimed all my might

I have everything to gain

I’ll be more than just a name

It’s time to spill the ink

Allow your words to sink

On this paper in front of me

Because your thoughts are my new enemy