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Point of no return ?

These days I think
of my childhood,
cleaner , simpler times;
I regret the moments
I wanted to leave them behind –
the ways of the nature,
the words of the wise and old;
no haste no waste,
Nothing thrown, nothing lost.

I seek ways to return,
and fail to train myself to re-learn
what I ignored to value before;
What you sow,so shall you reap,
The basic of living – and I forgot.
Now the price to be paid,
by generations to come
– an apt punishment ?
Or a warning just yet,
buried in toxic waste,
hated by our own children
for teaching them wrong ways,
Mankind marching in a race,
Beyond the point of no return.



Written for DVerse Poetics where we are asked to write on Climatic crisis.

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Elemental Thoughts

When the Air burns hot
with hateful words and feel;
realize the need of silence
and swallow the Fire within.

drowning into the Earth
of some unreasonable talks,
pretend to keep your cool
even if in Water(tears) you walk.

The world should never know
the earth that you stand upon;
nor they should ever see
the waters where dreams grow.

Shatter all prejudices alone
with the fire that burns inside
make sure you carry yourself well
like petals on the winds worldwide.

Prompted @ Poetry Potluck ; Submitted also to One Shot Wednesday

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