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Your words I seek

Few years apart,

hundred times more in miles

give and take some words;

and you will meet friends

filling my heart with joys

from their memories

and pain of the heart

laced with imagination

beyond my usual power.

Writing with all they have

each line a golden stroke

from the mighty bright sun

to the seeker in me ..



This is dedicated to two lovely ladies whose poetry totally took me on a wonderful ride : Scribbling Gal & Eclipse

“I do”

For love they live,
and dreamed so,
walking together
the blessed way
to be other’s shadow
in dark or day;
to feel and appreciate,
all the more; forever.
where words would float
in the blink of eye,
and silent smiles
fill the gaps –
of fingers entwined
like symbol of souls
bonded together as one.




Blame me for being so NOT reading , I missed the grand celebratory news about my favorite poetess and inspiration “Eclipse of the Moon” as she stood as a bride for her love Stefan !

Congratulations to you both !!

And bless you with all joys πŸ™‚

Submitted to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55