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A lonely soul

NaPoWriMo Day#6 prompt was “Ekphrastic Poetry” . I had always wanted to write on a musical prompt to see how much I can engage myself in a musical piece. After listening to many videos , this one caught my attention and so the following lines were crafted –



In land of mortals,
I walked proud and tall,
smiles in my pockets
butterfly dreams to walk.
In lanes of beauty
I grew without care
till my soul hummed,
and sang happy tales.
Devil incarnate
you set your eyes on me
trapped in neither world
I was doomed to be.
a long time you took
to set the traps right
was it not hard on you,
to burn in the same fire!
stripped of all logic
In dungeons my soul rot
day by day it sank deeper
scared to see any hope.
I dreamed of you still
feeding on the sole desire,
to taste your pain once
and breath into your fire.
To whisper in your ears
words that were unknown
to be punished severely
for sins i only thought.
did i amuse you enough
or were you hurt as much
from the idea of my love
from the passion in my touch ?
Since the day you vanished
I wonder why you left me so,
mending, hurting, bleeding,
a lonely heart,a battered soul.