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Walk of shame ..

Bestie : Why are you walking like this ?
Me : like what ?
B : Umm.. like different ..
M *obviously panicking* : different .. ha ha .. no , no , not at all.
B: Nopes, I know your walk. This is not you. Oh my god , did you ?
M *pretending hard to ignore*
B: Oh yes , you did. You did it again.
M: I did nothing.
B : What’s the count this time ? How was it , tell now !
M *giving up* : I lost a drunk bet for 100 squats. I can’t wait to get my thighs back to normal now.
B: Don’t. I like your slow walk. I have to run in my heels otherwise to catch up !
M: You are a sadist, you know !
This post is written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge. And slightly true event with me 😣

What matters ?

“No melodramatic Monday morning wish this week ?”, he asked me , sounding shocked.
I send these Monday morning messages to some of my friends every week. Though he is never the recipient of those , he does check my phone to read the message I know.
“It does not make a difference to anyone”I responded lightheartedly , trying best to hide my disappointment of my own statement.
“It matters to many. It matters to me the most to know you have not given up on doing something so good and positive in life” , he replied , looking kindly into my eyes that a minute before were full of doubt.
Inspired from 3WW

A to z challenge : Adventure

she got it wrong,

the free bird reminded her-

money never goes high.

Sheela sat at her desk , looking out of the window. She could see the sun set in far horizon and the birds return home. she wished she could return home too. Then very slowly , she turned to look at the laptop screen where the Outlook showed a whole lot of emails awaiting her reply. She knew it would be another long day. Or night, she laughed to herself , hearing the office go silent.

If only she had listened to her heart to go on that adventure with him. That unplanned vacation he had so excitedly asked her to take with him. The trip he finally went alone and both of them missed each other so much. Just then, he called her and she made a mental note to join him over weekend, wherever he was and not to return for another week.

The pending work did not make her sad anymore.

She was finally let her heart win over her head.

And she felt lot better after a long time.


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The need

In unknown lands that do not feel that way , She sat wondering about herself and what led her here. He paced in the room without reason, occasionally looking at her and nodding in approval. He knew not why he was there with her, more importantly, why she chose to bring him along on this journey.She smiled at him, as if reading his thoughts. He finally gave up all his thoughts and joined her in bed. Collecting her in his arms, he kissed her forehead.

“This is perfect.” she whispered to herself.

“you really think so ? You do not even know me” he laughed lightly and hugged her close.

“I know your words , and my words know you.”

” One can not live off words these days”

“Can you not ?” , she asked with disbelief.

“You look determined to prove me wrong”

“We’ll make believe we never needed any more than words”

“or this” he finished her sentence, like they been doing from last few months.

“yes, we only need us and our words”.

He smiled at her grin. She grinned further finding the love in his eyes.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Cheney challenged me with “We’ll make believe we never needed any more than this.” and I challenged Steffani with “will the room cease to exist, if there was no wall ? Or will it become a larger room. Will he like that, I wonder”


He was used to run from love and the person of attention since he could never make space for anyone except himself in his life. It takes a lot more than conviction to stand in front of some one and make promises that are supposed to last.

She never expected him to stay but neither to leave like this – without reason or time. she had hoped the pain will fade with passing time,she and her life will take turns looking at the positive side of the break up.

They were both right and as much wrong. Their rigidity with the ideologies kept them apart forever but  never out of each other’s hearts.

It was not a happy end as you can imagine, and that specially made them proud of themselves.

like seasons around you,
let your mind differ from heart’s words
rest your obsessions


Prompted @ Creative Copy challenge  and Haiku Heights


She and him : Story#1

All she could remember was the smile he had given her when they first met across the smoky screens. And of course the nick name – Tamanna ,meaning  desire. She loved  it as much as she was close to him. And now, she had finally left him long behind in her life. Was she really so away from him, she wondered as she looked at her reflection in the window.

With such thoughts still floating in her head,she left the bed and opened the window.It opened to the view of mountains, and she smiled at the knowledge that he would have loved the view. Then she turned her attention to other important tasks of the day –  setting up the kitchen, unpacking the boxes and filling her bedroom. Other rooms were already furnished and decorated as part of the deal she made with the previous owners.

Once all was done, she opened the bag full of his memories  – his diary where he first confessed his love for her , his favorite pillow that still carried scent of his tears, his box of candies and his favorite pink socks. Now that she had managed to have him dead and buried in the operation theater, or as others would say, he had sacrificed to let her live instead,she could be herself, not the forced himself ! She smiled. It was a tough decision for him. but they had made it through the transition.It was worthy to be one , rather than die accommodating two in the same body.He was happy too, she knew, wherever he chose to be.

Winning Shot

When he awoke, he had the weird feeling,something was missing. More evident problem was that he did not know what was missing. Or from where. He looked around the room to take a loud inventory – the things could be counted on finger tips easily. Then as he saw the heavy locked door, he laughed to himself. It was impossible to steal anything till that door stood its place.

He ignored the feeling and walked to the breakfast table grabbing a beer in one hand and his camera in the other. He liked all the shots from the last evening’s trip to the river side park. Just liked. and he understood, what he missed. One of the shots troubled him. It would have been a perfect capture ,Only if the girl had not turned her face at the last moment and glared at him. So what if it was a cliche shot , he had waited half an hour for some kids to pass that section of the path.and the branches had to be covered so that they did not overlap with the shadows. He took one hard look at the pic and emailed it to the magazine for the contest. He badly needed to win, not to survive but to sponser his college fee. He finished the beer thinking of his days when he would be studying photography and not just using it for a living.

Next day , a couple turned up on his door steps, the magazine in the lady’s hand was open on the page that had shown the pic he had shot. Without any formalities, the lady asked him “where was this pic taken?”
“In the park behind this building”, he told without any question though he had some.
“And the girl ?” the man asked.
“She was with the people in the pic. Might be a part of the family”, he said a little defensively.
“She is my daughter”, the lady yelled.

And with that she ran towards the park. The man muttered a thanks and followed her.

He could not contain his curiosity and ran behind them. The couple was calling the girl with her name and looking frantically all around. They did not have to go far when from behind a bush, the girl came running forward. She was bouncing with joy as the lady bent to take her in her arms.

He stood there, not sure what to do or say, so he silently returned to his room.

That weekend, he received an envelop that contained a cut out of the pic and the story about how it had helped a couple find their lost daughter.

The story won his shot the votes and the contest.


Prompted @ Inspiration Monday and Sunday Picture Press

Night of horror

She stood in the terrace of her tower and smiled at her sinful creation; her son from the devil , the lover of death, worse than she wanted him to be. And that made her feel so powerful. she hummed to herself and bounced from one brewing pot to another. He stood in the corner , watching her mix the ancient potions for him , his blood lust making him even more sinister, his lover waiting at the door steps to embrace other mortals.

A night of horror awaited the city.

This was the train of his desire, he knew. but how to convince her to let him board it, he mused.
Standing on the platform with him, she knew how badly he wanted to be on the train, only if she gave the slightest nod with her slender neck.

They both saw the train enter the platform , people getting in and out of it; she saw his restless fingers struggle to come out of his jeans pocket and touch some one;he saw her expressionless eyes scan the crowd around them and tilt her nhead in disapproval. Suddenly her eyes turned cold and dark, she turned to him and said in a haunting voice, “The next train will be your reward, if you can stay still till the arrival.”

He dare not move after that , till the next whistle filled the station. The next train arrived – full of people of all ages. The smiles hurt his head like hammers, the hugs and kisses were nothing but a blur to him as he was let free finally, to mingle in the crowd, to bruise some , grope others for fun,push a few over excited kids and mark the cosen ones to be dealt with later.

That night , death knocked on those doors behind which hid the marked humans.He sat and watched them twist and turn in dreams at his will. He laughed when they screamed, and kissed them goodbye as his poisonous fangs went red with their blood. These were the purest of souls he fed upon, the ones that made him more like the devil with each soul he sucked.
  Tomorrow another train will change some more lives.

Prompted @ Monday Inspiration and Sunday Picture Press