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The golden tree

He knew it was not just a dream. He tried hard but could not shake the feeling, he was being called to trace his destiny. And he heeded to the call of his heart. Weeks of walking through strange lands with uncomprehensiblee forces guiding his, he finally stood in front of the tree – tired and excited both. But when he actually saw it, he could not believe his own eyes – colors dripping from each branch, each leaf , golden flowers falling in spirals all around. he felt like a misfit there in his dirty brown coat and yellow umbrella. He fumbled a bit with the umbrella before closing it and stretching his hands into the waters that poured just over the tree. He knew his life would cease behind the curtain of color drops.with a glance at the surroundings, he finally stepped inside the tree’s shade. the faint golden glow of the flowers gave it a mystical look.

And then he noticed him, an old man scribbling away in deep thought on what looked liked tiny roll of translucent paper. without looking at the visitor, the old man ordered him to collect the inked rolls and load into dream wagon,whatever it meant.He followed the orders as if he had been doing that all his life,and waited for the next order.He belonged here – in this lost world of peace and words.He could hear the echoes of unknown voices around him – the banter , the disappointments , the smiling words , the sarcastic ones of skepticism. Hours passed like this , he rooted to same spot, hearing those voices and being a part of the emotions.

Finally the old man got up from his desk, and looked at him with interest. “You are still here! i see. You will stay,the place has made you its own”, Saying this, he came forward and handed the silver pen in his hands. He sat down at the same desk like the old man , looked at him once with a dazed look, gave a farewell salute and started filling the “fortune less” fortune cookies with his ideas. The old man faded. Life began anew at the tree of fate.

Prompted @ Indigo Spiders , Inspiration Monday , 3ww


Scribbla again inspired me to write this ! This is a response to his challenge to write a reply to this amazing post of his.

Hi Gilliam,

I was expecting your letter. When I last met you, I had seen the darkness sweeping the boundaries of your village like mist in the night,For I see darkness seperat from night unlike other mortal beings. Surprised ? I guess not. And since you dared to fish the truth this way, let me confirm that I left this child of mine behind in your village. Kerry was not alone. But you will be, I will make sure of that.

Awaiting your next response in action not words !



PS : We will meet soon my friend, like I promised you.


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Love in another time

Maya fell in love with him the very first time she met him. But she did not know this then. Every time they met , she came more and more impressed with him , his manners , his ideals and his way to live. He was there to help any one who asked , any one who needed but was shy to ask. You just had to tell him about some one in trouble and if he could, he would help. The hours spent talking to him on call , the daily meeting for samosa and tea after college , the movies where he slept throughout, she always looked forward to these moments even if they never were alone. But she lacked the courage to accept that she loved him. Theirs was a group of friends hanging together always, she the most shy of them all but he managed to make her talk. Only he could make her agree to all the stupid plans they made for any free day. But she never realized it. It wasn’t time yet maybe.

Then he proposed her best friend. She had never seen them so happy. And so Maya was happy too. As luck would have it,  the relation lasted less than a month. No reasons asked , no explanations given initially. But he still accepted her calls , talked to her of the day and soon he began to talk of the relation that was , how he wanted it and why it ended. Her best friend resented him talking to Maya and there would be arguments every other day whenever his call came. He cried for weeks – Maya listened patiently. His pain turned into anger – Maya fared through that too. He made work his life – Maya still managed to be there. But still she had no courage to talk to him about herself , about them. She feared rejection. She feared losing the friendship.

And one day he went away for further studies. For few months she still got calls from him, but every time she wanted to say how much she missed him , he talked of her best friend.

Her best friend is married to love of her life . He is lost in folds of time and memories . And Maya is nursing the pain she got for herself.

You are not just a page
in the diary of time I lived
but more like a bookmark
to the time  I lived a lie…

Prompted @ March Challenge [ day 17 – Courage ]  , Theme Thursday [ luck ] , Thursday tale [ image prompt]

The price

She dreamed this most nights ; the same scene all nights – she is in a blue room full of white roses. As she bends to smell one , she wishes it was red. She doesnt know why she wants a red rose but she just wants it. and then she moves on to the next rose. After few roses, she realizes its a round room so all she does it smell same flower again and again.

She considers this dream to be a omen in her life of every significant day. And it was a good omen in her life indeed until she went to that rose exhibition. The blue round room had hundred of roses in all possible colours. But it was a white rose she touched and wished it would be red.And she heard a man pass her muttering “Some wishes have heavy price”. she turned to confirm if it was said to her but the guy was lost in the crowd.

Later that night , she had the same dream and when she wished for the rose to be red, the thorns on the rose sprang to life. They pricked her fingers to make them bleed. She cried but the blood did not stop till the rose was red. and then she saw the same guy standing next to her; admiring how beautiful the rose was.

Next day she was found dead with blood dripping out of her fingers and a message scribbled next to her body “I thus pay the price”.



Prompted @ March challenge (day 12 – Horror) and Thursday Tales ( Image prompt)

His food

He was hungry.

Not the usual “I want to eat/read/write/have sex type hungry”
He could have enough of anything he wanted – yeah, even sex too.
Yet, he had the feeling he was hungry. He wanted more.
He wanted ..  Well he did not just know what did he want.
And then he met her – And evetything made sense to him in that moment

He was hungry to be troubled – no one he ever met could make him feel NOT wanted.But her looks did – her arrogance gave him a high , her indifference was his favorite food. Her words of rebuke were his song, her cruel smiles were his reward for persuing her still.

And then she decided to acknowledge his efforts – She went to him and slapped him hard. That night he slept peacefully after weeks.  Next day they went for their first date.


(I would have never daredto explore my writing in this direction except for 2 people whom i have lately been reading. This is for you guys. Thanks)

Standing (proud) ?

I see a sweet little girl, trying to balance her tiny feet on the sidewalk ; one feet ahead of the next ; holding her fancy dress in her pink fingers. But not for a second do i confuse her with me. I am not her , She is not me. She should not be. Not ’cause i wasn’t this happy and playful when young but ’cause i am not like her today – 20 years later.

I laugh at myself still though knowing well it’s for world’s sake. I curse myself for my mistakes and yet make them again. I live in the pain of lost love and treat it like ecstasy. My words are fueled from the darkness that lurks in my life. The days are brighter than they should be – don’t you know that light turns others blind too ? the nights darker than they could be – i even hide my shadows from myself.

I don’t ever hurt others – its considered a sin ! I betray none, bother none. No one is allowed to love me any more though i seek love from many. I hate just my loneliness as much i enjoy my solitude. I am contradiction that agrees most with my doubts. I am tears in motion, fears that feasts my soul.

I am all this more – And i wonder how i became so ! where is that shy girl gone  ! One who loved just herself and laughed on just her own reflection.

And yet you do not need to worry – I stand tall and proud ! Isn’t what the world thinks i am  !!

I act what you want to see; I do what you will never like to !



This post was started as prompted at Thursday Tales but the real inspiration came from “Imperfect Prose”. i rarely let my ideas go this way. and am not really sure if i did it well.



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The white fairy

He woke up late… very late;he two hours late in meeting her. Though he knew she would have slept off by now, he still logged in to the messenger.

“hey !! you there ?”

“m waiting…”




“guess you slept off early…  bye ,, miss you”

“:* >:D<”

The last message was exactly 35 min after the first..

She never was late. she never missed a day to be here. She was so perfect,she appeared to be so for sure ! And he was totally crazy for her. The most talked about flirt of the town was single for the whole month now. Exactly the same time she had been in his life – draped in a white dress, hair covering her face,pink flowers in hands,she stood in a huge window. Little had he realized, it was the window to his heart she knocked.

He smiled as he gathered these thoughts. He was turning into a poet or what, he laughed to himself ! He had not stepped out of his house in the past 1 month. Sleeping, chatting with her, eating, chatting, sleeping again had occupied his time off from work. He must be going insane he mused as he gauged the mess around him.

An hour later as he sat down to rest in his newly cleaned room, he saw her come online.

“Hey, dress your best in 5 min”

“why” he asked confused

“just thought to have a video chat. don’t you wanna look good the first time atleast?”

“you mean i will see you”

“i guess that’s what it means !!”

Finally the “white_fairy” will reveal her face, he was full of smiles thinking about it. As soon he was ready,the bell rang. Cursing the guest, he opened the door wearing a big frown.

And there stood his angel, his “white_fairy” in the same white dress holding the same pink flowers.

Smilingly she entered his heart’s window and closed them shut with a kiss, filling her sunshine in him, his house and his life.