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Darkness. Violence. You & Me

Me – drowning within a sea of hands,

taking away my dignity & sanity

one handful at a time;

You – silent tears trapped behind

the glass tower you locked yourself in

assuming I can fight once more

without laying guilt on your soul;

Guess what , I did escape again

no thanks to you, all on my own

so what if it is a recurring dream,

how could you dismiss it so easily,

the one time i bared my fears

should i take it is a warning ,

to never again depend on someone

to fight my demons away.

the “impatient” me

Today I had a fight with dad. Ok, I might have been at fault since I did not explain my stand clearly to him, but that is not the point here. He yelled a bit, and when I acted like a brat, he simply disconnected the call. He had sense not to let me make a bigger fool of myself. Something I will never forget for long. I felt so ashamed. He had never refused to hear me, be it any time or about any thing. And I could not do that for just a min. Why could I not keep shut that moment ?

And worse, As always, I innediately launched into a self-pity mood. I started feeling that nothing is going right today or this week infact. how I could be doing better, or why I deserve a better life. Not realizing, I do have a better life today than yesterday or last month or last year. Each day is better in some way, even if it is only for the fact that you realize you have a chance to make good of your life.

Thanks to a dear friend to kick me out of this mood with her harsh words. I totally deserved that.

Dad, I know we both are part wrong, part right. But I swear, I will not lose my patience so soon ever again.Not with you, not with any one who I know has onyl my good in mind.

To Myself, I promise to use my energies not to suck but to get up and get moving. As my friend said, use every negative emotion to make you work for removing that obstacle.

Even with brush of sadness,

A pretty picture you can create

if you remember colors reflect

what you in your heart wish to paint.