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Little clouds of dreams

Like dandelions
Fluttering freely in the air
The white fluffy dreams blinking
in the sun; I stand there rooted
Looking at the blinding light
Confusing it with hurdles.
Once the eyes close, it is clear;
the strength I need,the affirmations,
the will and the confidence
It’s all there in me; burning low
But enough to be stroked into a fire
The won’t burn me but has the power
Of a Phoenix to rise from within;
The dreams now stick to me
Like clouds of cotton candy
Sweetening the air and mouth so sticky,
I return to the night, wiser probably.


scattered in sand
embers of a saltwood fire
face to face with stars
her shimmering eyes spill
yards of velvet stained lust
This is a Tan Renga that I learned about from Carpe diem.  after a long time , some poetry interested me so tried my hand at linking my lines to the original haiku by Jane Reichhold.
More details and more such lines here
This is also inspired by words from wordle 112 @ The Sunday Whirl

I wished fire

Oh how i wished there could be a fire
in eyes that talked so much,
in hands that yearned to touch
in heart that beat much faster
in words that  were said never.
But all i felt was an overpowering desire
to let eyes drink all that you showed
to let hands trace the things you owned
to let heart play music to your beat
to let words die before i could speak.


Written for We Write Poems [ fire] , Submitted to Poets Rally [week 41]

Elemental Thoughts

When the Air burns hot
with hateful words and feel;
realize the need of silence
and swallow the Fire within.

drowning into the Earth
of some unreasonable talks,
pretend to keep your cool
even if in Water(tears) you walk.

The world should never know
the earth that you stand upon;
nor they should ever see
the waters where dreams grow.

Shatter all prejudices alone
with the fire that burns inside
make sure you carry yourself well
like petals on the winds worldwide.

Prompted @ Poetry Potluck ; Submitted also to One Shot Wednesday

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