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once they begin coming out
it’s a wonder they ever stop;
memory tested to hurt best
and verbal prowess for effect
expansion of horizons happen
parents,relatives – all pulled in
the slandering goes on,non stop
the hurt mounts on,and so on
if silence follows,tears fill in the gap
broken bonds lie in sorrow’s lap –
Forgotten for a moment,
bruised for a lifetime.


Prompted @ NaPoWriMo [ Day 13 – A fast (5 min) poem on something very fast]

Was It love ?

A question never  meant for you
still feilds the volley of answers
your random actions direct to me
teasing the force you have on me
disrupting the balance of words;
Identical to the fears you host,
I swim in the pools of my doubt,
trusted forces create this curtain;
You say time always win over love
I wonder if there was any between us;
Dual thoughts with just one solution
Cease to be mine.I was never yours.


Prompted @ 3WW , Submitted also to Poets Rally


Do not,dare you,
ever think of me
broken- not yet;
not unless i see you lose
in the maze you designed
and trapped me in;
not unless i know myself
how lonely is your end
or the pain you lived in
i sear i can not regret
neither will i pretend.
I hate to hate you
even when you leave
but this wasn’t my idea
you get what you bargained !


Written for Z to A challenge – E , Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

“Wh” Questions

Who am I really ?
When will i achieve my destiny ?
Where will i find the love meant for me ?
Why do things not happen the way I want ?
Whom did i hurt when i lived without care ?

And the list of questions starting like this goes on endless. But how often do we wonder on “How” ? And more specifically the hows of future ?
From today i pledge to replace every “W” question with a “how” one.

How to define myself ?
How to achieve what I want ?
How do I keep my heart open for love and not otherwise ?
How can I make things work for me ?
How should I apologize for the wrong i did ?

And suddenly I see all answers lie within me. All it needs is to be

– Be true to one self
– Remain honest to others
– Know your weakness
– Use your strength
– Love yourself
– Hate the fact that you “hate something”


bla blah blah !!! Haven’t we all read such words before ?? How long do we remember then even !! Not unless we need that kick again to rise and shine. I wrote this post as a reminder to my pledge , a cement to my ideas on being productive even in thoughts !

I repeat my promise
that I made to myself
the same person i meet
from other side of mirror –
empty eyes search me
a lonely smile taunts me
and i promise (again)
i will keep you happy
oh yes, i will make sure
you do not shy from any one.

So the last but not the least thought for tonight, Don’t just read or write about what you want and how to have it, ACT !! Make your dreams come true. And if they don’t, have the assurance you tried your best at least.

Written for Z to A challenge.

Also submitted to –


So the heart spoke

your memories : make me say
million things
heart though : blank without your love.

Life was blank , then you came
you filled the blanks ,with lyrics so beautiful
you left , wish life could be blank again

wonder who : gives the right
to you to decide
what should be erased : from MY life

memories you gave, will never erase
you may forget me, i know i never will

dare you return : any day with a sorry
to say it was a mistake
i may forgive you : yet again

I’ll never forgive you,  for all the pain you gave
for all the love i deserved , never caring for what i cared

forgive or not : you will never know
i will gone
far along my life : better alone

Alone i was when i came,  alone i’ll be when i’ll go
its the lonliness in between , that pains.

coming alone : carefree song
going alone : just music
silence at last

Silence is what is left in this life , silence is the end of life
so what is left is the end, such is life?

life itself : is the song
you : can give
just the music

i’m a song
that god composed
life gave beats to
fill it with emotions
i’m not finished yet…..

This is a collaboration post by me and my twitter buddy Preeti. (The alternate free verses that are italicized are hers , mine are all gogyohka )

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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