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Friday Fragments

I stumbled upon this awesome prompt to recap our weeks every Friday. I so much needed this I guess. Sometimes writing poetry and flash fiction can get tiring. so yes , this is a reflective way to know how I did this week :

( In order of my remembrance)

* I start the year end writing prompt tomorrow. And really glad to see it turning 3 this year. *fingers crossed* for finding lot of posts to read. Details here

* This blog found its 200th follower. And kind of liked the way wordpress announced it in notifications 😀

* December, I have a secret , long cherished dream to make happen. Please wish me luck .

* I had been trying to find out , who sent me this book since it came as a gift without a name. And it turns out , DialABook ( @dialabook )saw my tweet about someone gifting me a book and did send me one ! That was super awesome thing of the week !

* I finished 40 books this year and on my book review blog , I finished my 50th book review. Much proud to be associated with that blog.

* I realized I am not being at my best behavior for a friend. Maybe I am unable to forget my hurt and am being biased in my judgement. I am not proud of it but for unexplainable reason, I can not seem to change my ways. I do wish best for him.

* For the first time I admitted to myself I have some unresolved resentment against few of my friends, who went missing when I needed and I wish to do the same to them someday. I might have actually acted this selfish with few. Am I proud ? No. Do I regret ? Not yet.

* I wrote another poem in my mother tongue. And I will like to try more and more writing in that.

* I did a considerably decent job at cleaning my room today. And I am more and more enjoying cooking on my own.

* Boyfriend loves me a lot and really wants me to get better every day at whatever I do but its my bestie who really understands me and I guess I love her a bit more every week.

bless you all !

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