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A dedication post.

All these years , from the first day we met or the last time I heard from you , I have written a number of lines for you . And yet , I feel that no words can ever express the joy that you give to my heart , just to think of you , to have known you , shared my dreams and fears with you and the fortune to be a part orf your life. To be that part , which you will not forget as long as you live.

Cheers my dearest friends.
To hopes that we meet and smile together again.
To memories to keep the love alive till then.
To the promises we made and wish to keep still …
To pain of psuedo-farewell to keep the feelings alive…

Today and forever.


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My friend in delhi

There was a time i did not live in NCR. And that time, only friend i had in delhi was him. So this tag !! He is one of the reason that september is special to me (other reason being my mother’s b’day).

Words do not define how i feel about him or what he means to me – All i know is that he is one of the few friends who like me the way i am , who will stand with me no matter what i do, who has always managed to not lose me in the crowd , who has fought with me so i do not forget him ever, who has listened my woes at 3 am, who did not hang up even when i called him “coz i did not want to be alone when i cried” !

This is for you my dear –

so perfectly
how friendship should be
you must love,fight,forgive,love more
if you really desire
to keep close
some one


Thank you for not just teaching me this lesson but also living it for me ! Hope i do not let you down any day !!


Wriiten for Months of the year challenge – September

A letter from angel !

I knew you not more than your name

guess,even  for you it was the same;

yet you sent for me a letter that day

in times when fashion is to call or  mail.

Life was not treating me great, you knew

was it reason enough for that letter from you ?

With what authority did you decide to write

all those harsh realities and the inspiring lines ?

Was it your words or the faith you instilled in me

that i cleared all hurdles that came into being !

To that letter and you, i will forever owe

my first success, my pride for my first job.

You were the angel to me,not just that day

but every time i needed,your words were there.

all thanks to the letter you wrote to me

and the fact that it was well responded.

Prompted at OSI and Sunday Scribblings

Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday