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Walking away ? #FridayFotofiction

two friends
It was becoming less frequent from an year but it still happened. One day he would be smiling at everyone and the next , he would be back to the hill. Sitting at the corner , he too knew he should not be this close to the mouth of the valley. Hell, he should not be here at all. But , this was a constant struggle in his head. Today, the call of the mountains won.
That’s when he saw a familiar figure walking towards him.
“What took you so long ? Another minute and I was walking away”
“The teashop owner told me you ordered two cups”
He did not know how, but his best friend was always there to take him out if his mood swings. He smiled as he was led back to sanity.
This is my 100(ish) word story for

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Poetry for friend(s) #OctPoWriMo

Although I started with a different idea , I ended up with this poem. A friend of mine says it is confusing. Maybe it is. I am myself not sure what prompted me for this post. So , maybe I will some day re write it. As for today , please bear with this 🙂

a challenge,
a quest,
a vain effort to impress ..
My first poem
to a friend
long lost now,
in the mad crowds,
but he still remains
in memories and verse,
my love for poetry
was a discovery to myself.
a prayer
a request
a silent wish to angels ..
This poem today
for another friend
lost he feels,
yet holding hands,
I shall stay
forever here,
for words will remain
as much as my cares.
for Day#3 OctPoWriMo

Take Life easy

[ Background : I was upset that a friend of mine said things to me that hurt me. I had hurt her too meanwhile but what made me angry was the fact , I never can tell that to others as easily my friends express it to me ]
So I called this common friend and took out all my frustration and anger on the call. I did not feel good about it , neither could  I resolve my anger over night. I just emailed him expressing I was sorry for what I said and I just need time to sort things.”Take life easy”  , a friend wrote in the reply he sent  in the morning.
And I realize that some days I take being available for friends too seriously.  Most days I love to talk to my friends , to plan to meet them and to randomly ping to ask about life under their sky. But some days , even if I am genuinely busy and in no mood to hear another soul , If i realize I haven’t called a particular some one , I will use the time to not rest but to call. And in that process , I think , I do not give all my attention and care to the person on the other end of the call. This feedback has reached me some time but never before could I accept that I might be really doing something wrong.
As my boyfriend and best friend both pointed to me that I can take time off whenever I want but when I do connect to people , I should do it with intentions to make them feel good and hear them well.  It does not matter if I do not have a solution to their troubles but more important is to listen carefully.
So, from this very moment , I will try to listen more , listen well and listen with all my attention.
And if I am not calling some one , I will make sure I have a good reason and a sense enough to not be too late to get back !
This is for Imperfect Prose :


As soon as I read the prompt light(s) , I was flooded with lot of options to write about. And then I thought of ways to light up our life and other’s as well. so here I wrote an acrostic for light –






Here’s another beautiful light in my life ( gifted to me on my birthday this october ) :



And one for the lovely bunch of people , who light my life –

To family for being the light,
that shines in my heart –
and the lovely fireflies
that makes me smile each time.
To the friends that adorn my skies
whether day or darkest hour of night,
and shine in such unseen corners
where nothing seems to fit right.
To the love that keeps me writing
of people , words and images,
of comments so kind and fun
I owe it to you all for keep me loving.


For Two shoes , Month of year challenge – Oct

Birthday this year ( a belated post )

Gift#1 – The new light in my life.

Bunked office mid way ,

Calls , messages , video chat , hugs and smiles.

Getting together with friends for cake#1

Ceremonial cake wasted on the “newly born”

Lunch & cake#2 with family

Blessings to act a little wise.

Late gifts.

Thank you ever one who made the past year so special and interesting to me. Looking forward to more reading and writing this year too with all your love and support.

A special hug to the one who made sure I will always remember this year for “love” and with more “love”.

foolish or proud

I do not know when and where this feeling got its root in my head but I never could ask some one to accompany me for a walk or shopping. If i wanted , I would just go ahead with it. This habit became more like a definition of me when a dear Friend got em going to movies alone and I so much loved them that way.

 It never felt odd initially till lot laters when I shifted to noida. for some reasons , I felt people did not take it as casually here if you are seen alone for shopping or movies. Maybe It is my assumption. But i did feel a little odd at times. If it was just for movies or shopping , it was ok. But it became a habit of NOT asking some one when I had to go out any where. Be it near or far , I adjust my schedule and travel times so that I can reach back home by 9. I do not like some one dropping me home. I would rather not go out than expect some one to bother about my return. There are not many people to whom I can ask rightfully to accompany me some where.


Some people think am too proud. Few think i am foolish to try to do everything on my own. for me , its just a precaution and necessity that I be able to function any where on my own – with friends or alone.

Blessed by words – post#600

When winds refused
to raise the wings,
i grew for years
to help me stay above;
I cut them one by one
dripping blood and tears
and into a shell i went
away from all dear ones.
But words are stronger
then i ever imagined
a golden ray of hope,
I caught for escape.
only words did keep
the promise to stick,
people came closer
and some were let go,
but always did god grant
a special one to hold.
To all those special
and dear ones I raise
a wassil for lifetime
whether i stay around
or decide to move on.
today you people matter
and i wish to keep it so
till we forget our blessing,
and have our dreams lost.


This post#600 is dedicated to every one I met in my journey of writing on this page. Thank you every one. Bless you !

A special mention to the love i got from few people in my life that has kept me loyal to my first love – the love for words.

Prompted @ The Mag , OSI

Loving & Loved

There are some days when you feel loved. And some when you love. It is not being in love. but just having some one to love still. From the first crush till today , I can almost name some person with whom I “thought” I was in love. Maybe I really was. But those days are past. Those reasons and emotions are past. Today I love people for making me feel good. It’s not about praising me always but more like, appreciating the good I have and forgiving me for the bad. For making me change myself and not just dictating the rules like rest of the world. Gender or age does not bother me these days. I just love the person for the heart and mind that walk with him/her.And to think of the fact that I found feelings like these to be weird at one time. Call it maturity or jsut craziness, making some one smile and smile with him/her can sure make your day a blessing !

Only if I could put words to such feelings in a way not to offend/scare the people concerned 😉
But maybe these unexpressed thoughts are what add to the enigma of loving and being loved.

Rise in Love. And stay in love. Accept being loved.

(This post was inspired by a twitter conversation with @ScribblingOn )


Priceless friends

Many words, öne reason.To claim back from you, the dreams you extracted out of me. Like the water drop that does not know it can fill the sky with a rainbow. You were that light in me. You never found flaws in me but a beauty in imperfection. You never shied away from letting me know how much difference i made to your life every day. Your words i would cuddle up to each night and imagine to wake up in your hug. To sleep talking to you was a luxry i loved. All this for just being myself.

And each day since you left, i searched for that comforting hug. In vain i heard what people said to me but no words opened the locks in my heart. Unless in the same month, different year, i met the friend who like you filled my life with similar joys. A real one to take your virtual place, a shy and witty creature like you but a lot more caring. Even the tears shared with him, make me strong as he holds my hand. My fears and doubts flee from the trust he shows in me. And i often wonder whose prayers took form. You sent your shadow and soul to hold me while i await for the final leap of faith.No comparisons, no similarities would have prepared me for this wonderful time. But I do hope you know i will always cherish you and the friend you hoped for me. you both make my past and present respectively and yet you so effectively shape my future. 


All for you, as much and more than what you gave me.

This is dedicated to two of my best friends.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – September

Being In Love

It was a silly wish in college days , to celebrate a Valentine’s day with some one I loved. Years went by , friends and boyfriend too faded away, but this day stayed the same for me – shopping for others’ partners and enjoying the day alone. It wasn’t a sad thing but some where the stupid desire still lived.


Last year I was engaged when Feb came. The hopeless romantic in me thought nothing grand but sure something sweet and love filled. And the totally insensitive guy he was, did not even wish me , forget even gifting me anything. And the movie I sent , that wasn’t watched as far as I remember. But I had the best Valentine’s day that year. A long weekend – 5 friends – self cooked meals – romantic songs – a balcony on 3rd floor opening to empty skies .. That was most cherished company and the setting I would have ever thought of .. And the lesson learned for life – to free myself , my love ..

I need not one

or many people

near or far

to feel the magic –


mysterious ways

it takes shape

in minds

and time ..

A perfect and timely end to a thought , a misunderstood desire , and evolution of bonds .. Some broke , some were forged that weekend ..

Written for Months of the year challenge #2 , Imperfect Prose