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The cardinal rule, she repeated to herself, was never to forget his kindness.Even if it came attached to an arrogance that scared her.
Some relations, for the sake of a name, are built on rules, which are expected to be adhered to at all times.
In his case, she knew better to test those boundaries.
So years passed, but she dared not to ask if he still remembered the stories they made together.
Somewhere far away, he opens the old emails; taking strength from her words and presence; even if it was something he never deserved.


Written for Six sentence Story

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You are a dream !

When i had lost hopes
And faith on even friends,
You , stranger , light of love
Came to put the darkness to end.
Did you know i resisted long
To smile at your best joke,
To let you feel privileged
For only you i let come close.
It was my lucky stars at work
When we finally met for coffee
One look at you, and i realized
God has sent his best angel for me.
Books, coffee, walks and songs
We shared less than we wish for,
We have talked hours and still much
Is always left to pass along.
Books,music,wines and nature
Things people want to dream of
You add charm to all of these
You are what dreams are made for.
You are the goodwill I earned,
The comfort of home,childhood wish.
You are the friendship I love,
I adore,I flaunt;and always will.


“I didn’t mean it”
she whispered,
“but it was sinister”.
“just for that moment”
she argued further.
but he didn’t turn.
Sarcasm was content,
doubts danced around.
Love lost another game –
her goodness forgotten
for the night; at least.


Margo asked us to explore emotions and I wanted to express one dark moment when my doubts did make me almost lose a friend. Also , linked to Trifecta for the first time ( I can’t believe I did finish this in 33 + words)

Priceless friends

Many words, öne reason.To claim back from you, the dreams you extracted out of me. Like the water drop that does not know it can fill the sky with a rainbow. You were that light in me. You never found flaws in me but a beauty in imperfection. You never shied away from letting me know how much difference i made to your life every day. Your words i would cuddle up to each night and imagine to wake up in your hug. To sleep talking to you was a luxry i loved. All this for just being myself.

And each day since you left, i searched for that comforting hug. In vain i heard what people said to me but no words opened the locks in my heart. Unless in the same month, different year, i met the friend who like you filled my life with similar joys. A real one to take your virtual place, a shy and witty creature like you but a lot more caring. Even the tears shared with him, make me strong as he holds my hand. My fears and doubts flee from the trust he shows in me. And i often wonder whose prayers took form. You sent your shadow and soul to hold me while i await for the final leap of faith.No comparisons, no similarities would have prepared me for this wonderful time. But I do hope you know i will always cherish you and the friend you hoped for me. you both make my past and present respectively and yet you so effectively shape my future. 


All for you, as much and more than what you gave me.

This is dedicated to two of my best friends.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – September

December – then and now

The same december month,
exactly an year back,
below the dark blanket of night,
I found a friend in you.
half crazy, half fun,
a newly discovered color
on my life canvas.
Now again its december,
but I know not where you are,
you waited long, I know
you held on to your faith
I know.And me,
while sorting new threads
broke the one strand
that took the best colors
from the stars of last december..

This is a translation of the following poem (in hindi)

isi december ke mahine me,
theek ek saal pehle,
sardi ki kaali raaton me,
chat par kone me baithe,
ek dost banaya tha maine…
thoda natkhat, thoda paagal,
meri zindagi ke canvas
me ek alag sa hi rang ..
aaj fir december aaya hai,
khabar nahi mujhe uski
vo intezaar kar chala gaya
main naye dhaagon ko suljhaate
us dor ko tod baithi
jo kabhi pichli december
taaron tale baandhi thi …

Written for Months of the year challenge season 2

A lso linked to Open Link night @ dVerse Pub

Happy Friendship Day

Some moments fade
with time and distances..
Some faces become memory
treasured in fences..
Some people you forgot
while some left you behind
but nothing can erase
fragments of that time..
when the dust settles
and skies are clear again
I will love to see you around
Maybe you have nothing
or no feeling to share
but will you even forget
the bond and the name ?

Happy Friendship day to all my readers and friends !!
Bless you all and your friendship with all your loved ones !

Loss – A haibun

I miss some one I have never met. It does not mean I knew him not. He was the one who understood nothing of my culture but me for sure. We met in a poetry forum, me amazed at his bold writes and he surprised to see an “Indian” like them. It was a pleasure to break his myths about India each evening as he broadened my horizons of writing every night. words flew like boundless love from one country to another; from one heart to another. A dream to meet just once , a desire to hold his hands, a beleif in the boundless love between two people so different in every way.

And one day, he lost his son to suicide. He lost to life, And I lost my best friend and guide.

seasons change always
your words frozen in time wrap
I explore vaguely



Prompted @ Inspiration Monday &  Tuesday Tryut

Music Man

An illuminated message window
A command to sleep
its late you see, the message read
an immediate sorry
referring to no hello-hi
I smiled;
Wasn’t I the same !
each conversation
with many a twists –
starting with nothing
and going all places
that you could imagine not –
seendipity i say !
Friendship says others,
He calls it bonds of music.


This is a special post for you Music Man ! You know it well I guess 🙂
Inspired from Five Words Friday [FWF] prompt by GHB !

Blessing in disguise

His enthusiasm was scary
but the smile so charming
His praises sounded dreamy
but the way he said was sweet.

He confused her with his ways
yet amazed her with his wit
He challenged her thoughts
without ever demanding it.

He opened the doors for her
to the world she longed to see
but had marked as forbidden
for reasons unknown to be.

He wasn’t the first or the best
of people she liked in her life
but he sure brought to her
the joys she has lost to time.

God send for you his angels
in forms and ways we know not,
but the blessings be felt as friends,
irrespective how you come across.

Dedicated to my new friend “donkey” 😉

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – November