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Some words just fit(March 1-5)

Canopy of stars above,
Aromas of the woods around,
Moon singing lullaby
Projecting from the clouds,
In the lap of nature we lie
No longer worried of bugs,
Good thing we got repellant !

Prompted @ March Challenge (Day -1 : Camping)


With flowers in her tiny hands
the girl dressed in red ran, clutching
sheets of old paper along, the
pulled up socks sticking on top,
upon the head lay hat with crokked seam,
over her shoulders, the dress flew. in
your dreams might unravel her a(part)
head lost for heart , my life over death
I knew it was her, who had held the grip.


Prompted @ Poetry tow Truck

Lines used for the prompt are from Amy’s poem :

with the sheets pulled up over your head,
hands clutching the top seam in a death grip.