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Forms of #5Line poetry

May 2011 : Int'l 5 line poetry Month

Tina Nguyen  { @TinaNguyen  } has invited all to be a part of May 5 Line poetry Month on her blog and the Gogyohka junction.

So I decided to do a post on different 5 line poetry forms I could remember knowing or reading about :

Gogyohka : Gogyohka is five lines of free verse on any subject matter. There is no set syllable pattern, however the poem should be short and succinct. The goal is to compellingly capture an idea, observation, feeling, memory, or experience in just a few words.

More details

Along this i also found a mention of Gogyoshi which also is a 5 line poem.

Fib : is an experimental Western poetry form, but based on the Fibonacci sequence (1/1/2/3/5/8) Traditionally that started with 6 -lines, now can be written in as many lines. The only restriction is to use the mentioned sequence as syllable count in each line.

Cinquain : A general term for 5 line poems with a set pattern.Either word count / syllable count of 2-4-6-8-2 is most commonly known. There is another pattern used for ease of expression : noun – 2 adjectives – 3 ing words – a phrase – synonym of noun [ this is also referred to as didactic cinquain]

More details can be found at wiki and  here

Limerick : are usually humorous, and are composed of 5 lines, in an a. a. c. c. a. rhyming pattern. In addition, the first, second and fifth lines are usually 3 anapestic feet (uu/, 2 unstressed followed by 1 stressed) each.

two excellent resources: OEDILF on Writing A Limerick and Speedy Snail’s Limerick Rhythm and Meter. as shared by Kane on her limericks blog

Tanka : is a japanese form of poetry with syllable patterns as 5-7-5-7-7 , where the care is to be taken that both the first three and the last three lines can stand on its own and make a sensible poetry. (More details here)

Lanterne : 5 – line poetry in shape of japanese lantern and having syllable count as 1-2-3-4-1 , each line able to stand on its own with or without a title. (Wiki link)

CINQKU : (As detailed here) is a fixed-form five line tanka/cinquain image poem without a title in 17 syllables,concise with a surprise or turn in lines 4/5

ABC poem  : has 5 lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses – and the first word of each line is in alphabetical order from the first word. Line 5 is one sentence, beginning with any letter.

Another version says that ABC poem can have any number of line but the restriction with that the lines start with Alphabets in order.

Envelop Quintet :  Rhyme pattern of abbba / abcba ( Details here )

Other links to check:

A general view of 5-line poetry Styles with link

A sample Pentastich on Pentastich

So Write on people !! Let 5 lines talk like 500 😉

Collection of words for BTP

Big Tent Poetry gave us seven prompts for the week. I chose the following three to be my muse :

Write an ode to a thing you love in nature.

Petals –
dry , bright;
memories kept safe

Petals –
in books
your treasured touch.

Write an ode to a prized physical object.

books –
I treasure
and gift away.

books –
I receive
are never mine.

These are written in Hay(na)ku form. Hay(na)ku  is a 3-line poem with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third.

Write a poem about drunkenness.

I drink
amused at myself
I can drink
and be amused
by the drink.

You drink
to amuse
who drink
to amuse.

The above is a gogyohka. Traditionally gogyohka is a 5-line poetry where every line stands on its own as a separate line too.

Collabrative Write

One of the best conversation is one which flows without effort – towards new horizons and ideas .. And i have such poetic banter with Preeti often. This is our latest and one of the best talks in recent times –

strangers now : wondering who : you to me : me to you : we to us #gogyohka

strangers we were : how we met : fell in love : fell apart too soon : and strangers we are again

stranger we are not though, to feelings that rust my heart, to ideas polluting the mind, a soul sold to cupid

cupid is not to blame: he’s the excuse we find: he’s not the one who made me love you: blame me and only me

love is a game, we fell in trap, we could not entertain much, an hence we part #poetry

don’t call my love a game, don’t call it a trap, its not some entertainment it was how I felt, don’t part away just now..

i played , i made the traps, only to be lost, in the maze you set, true or not, love hurt us both

no words to refuse you , none to refuse myself from the hurt, you do not deserve me, no words to tell how less i did

you lose me here dear l for love is what i never will know ; it eludes me as much as i seek ; so now i just let it be


Submitted to Z to A challenge – C

And now an announcement of a challenge : Months of a year challenge


Call it lame, or the easy way out, i have decided to make this a Gogyohka post 😀


Poetry i seek
does it qualify me
an apprentice
when will I qualify
to seek poetry


A gloomy day
a windy day on that
can you not blow
few warm thoughts
packed in your smile


how can magic not happen,
if you ever loved some one
true or not,long or short,
wasn’t it a fairy tale moment
when the first thought came undone.


Prompted @ OSI , Carry On Tuesday , Poetry Potluck ,

Submitted also to Z to A challenge – G , One shot Wednesday

and for those who are on twitter, check some of the most wonderful gogyohka poetry here

Am trying

“Am trying”
Its all i kept telling
slowly, half heartedly,
to the point of yelling..

“I tried”
that was all i could say
assertively, matter-of-fact-ly
for failing yet again.

“I promise to try hard”
I made it my motto lots time
but you never did believe me
that made it no easy in my life.

“Am trying”
Its all i can say right now
At least i accept the need to change
i just need to figure how.

Prompted @ One Single Impression


Try hard i do  to escape the past ~ to build for myself a new start

is it possible

to erase what i want ~ to have nothing for flashback ?

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings


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So the heart spoke

your memories : make me say
million things
heart though : blank without your love.

Life was blank , then you came
you filled the blanks ,with lyrics so beautiful
you left , wish life could be blank again

wonder who : gives the right
to you to decide
what should be erased : from MY life

memories you gave, will never erase
you may forget me, i know i never will

dare you return : any day with a sorry
to say it was a mistake
i may forgive you : yet again

I’ll never forgive you,  for all the pain you gave
for all the love i deserved , never caring for what i cared

forgive or not : you will never know
i will gone
far along my life : better alone

Alone i was when i came,  alone i’ll be when i’ll go
its the lonliness in between , that pains.

coming alone : carefree song
going alone : just music
silence at last

Silence is what is left in this life , silence is the end of life
so what is left is the end, such is life?

life itself : is the song
you : can give
just the music

i’m a song
that god composed
life gave beats to
fill it with emotions
i’m not finished yet…..

This is a collaboration post by me and my twitter buddy Preeti. (The alternate free verses that are italicized are hers , mine are all gogyohka )

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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