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Without goodbye

If someone left without saying goodbye โ€“
Would you be sad, would you cry?

Would you hope for them to call
or know in your heart
they are never going too far;
would you wish for reunion some day
or treat the silence
like a pause in the game;
would you question their return
or rather spend time
gathering the gossip till they come;
would you worry about being forgotten
or accept the absence,
the dejection and the confusion;
If someone left without saying goodbye โ€“
Would you be sad, would you cry?
Or simply whisper to yourself,
this story ended too soon,
there must be some chapter
you got to re write.
The first two lines of this poem are from another poem from the book I am currently reading : When our worlds collide. It is a beautiful story of a young girl trying to understand love and friendship. I like the author for the fact that she is a good poet and so there are poems always an integral part of the story.
I am linking this to dVerse prompt for the week.
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Musty minutes

Between the loud conversation
in the overlapping pauses
we look at each other
from corner of the eye;
the silence has its riches –
i take a sip of its memories,
you nibble at the dreams
while our present connects us,
with the painful realization
that no words can be persuasive
enough to bind you to me
no feelings can trap yours
You are as much unknown
as my heart feels you inside
as much toxic is your presence
as heavenly seems your touch
your eyes overpower my words
and the remaining breaths
you seal with one last kiss
your musty essence erasing me –
one goodbye that was to be final,
I realized it not then,fortunately.

Prompted @ We Write Poems , Three Word Wednesday