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Goodbye 2015 – part#2

The weekend just flew by ( and a long weekend it was ). While the first two days I tired myself meeting relatives and friends, today I was put to my place by my health ; in the bed most day.
So I thought if the good and bad of the year , whatever I could recall. Iwatched less movies , I cooked even lesser times on my own , I read quite a good amount, had some memorable meets and vacations, walked a lot ( in the last month atleast ) , moved to a new place and made some good changes felt at my work place too. A much happenning , exciting and happy year. And i do add my operation in the blessing in disguise sort of thing since It has warned me how muh I need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and sooner too.
As for the plans for the next year , If I try a little i might find my previous year’s resolutions too some where. So let us keep that off for another week. Instead I do wish and hope for always remembering to be thankful , be hopeful  , a little more kind that I want and to say a little less of whatever comes to my mind. Here’s hoping for a wonderfully blessed year with new skills , friends , memories to cherish and always with good books to read and collect.
May god bless you all with your desires and demands 😉

Goodbye 2015 – part#1

This is not yet a post where I reflect on the year gone by and list the good and bad of it. It is also not yet the time and moment to sort the lessons from the mistakes or make different section of the people you met or let go. This is more about how I want to do all this. How to properly send off 2015 into the portals of my mind wjere it is saved and remembered well for the right reasons.
The first thought was to go alone on a journey and as the cities are left behind, I tick of all the months and weeks of the year gone by. Since that is some luxary I can not afford at the moment ( my medical leaves last month have left me with neither time nor health to travel far ) , I thought of alternatives. The motive is to be alone and relaxed enough to be honest , be objective , bit harsh in scrutiny and kind on yourself equally. The idea is to aporeciate the goodness of life , goodness in yourself and whatever iota you got from people around you. And lastly, the task is to decide what to leave behind in this year itself – mistakes , people , negativity and memories too.
So I thought of having a date with myself next weekend – coffee ,  a diary , a planner for next year and lastly a goid walk alone to reaffirm my proMises and plans.
How are you going to say goodBye to 2015 ?