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Knitted Shoes

Each summer vacations she would come

winters being her time to cater to aches –

feet, heart, joints and maybe the tired soul;

and so she came each may,loaded with love

and the candies, bitter sweet tales from village –

births, deaths, illness, festivals and gossips too.

but what i awaited was her knitting needles

oh what fun it was to see her spin her magic –

in any color i want ; even in more than one.

the first thing she made was the woollen shoes

one toe and four fingers fused into one space –

perfect to fit the heels when i run without sandal.

Each winter a new pair,its tales told next summer

each year a new foot size,and a new age for her –

And then i stopped wearing those shoes anymore.

not that i did not like them as much as a kid

not that i did not feel the cold trouble my toes –

but i just left it without another thought.

She can not travel each summer any more

and i do not go to meet her as regularly

but my granny still knits – for my kids maybe.

Written for Big Tent Poetry as inspired fromthe image at  Referential Magazine.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – May

and Sunday Scriblings [May]