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Cooked memories

You love your eggs half-cooked and you never ceased to remind me of that fact. Every breakfast of mine including eggs will ensure we have this very conversation ending when I would invite you for breakfast at my place and promise to make it according to your taste. Though you never came, I do practice making half-cooked eggs – perfect enough for me to nibble the corners and leave the rest for you to finish out of my hands.

shadows resonate
the tears one try to suppress;
silence showers pain.



Finally i managed to write a haibun as prompted by Victoria here.  Ideas for the post from Magpie Tales [image] , Haiku heights , Sensational Haiku Wednesday


Farewell time.till next time we meet.And it would not be not more than a week away.On cross roads we stand, facing each other : our trains will come from opposite directions, and go opposite ways. Last Wave of hand, last smile, the wait evident in the eyes, blurred image of trains crossing each other, soon trees are all i see passing by – A new journey.

The end is near now
Forces collide;cosmos are in chaos
silently we stare each other

This is a Haibun poetry form, Prompted at Big Tent Poetry

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