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I gather my thoughts #smallStone #aros (day 5,6,7,8)

your lips on my head ~
bond of love i wanted ~
bond of care i cherish

Pages will turn tonight
your memories will burn in peace
I forgive the hurt

the flowers bought
but delivered not
still smell of her

Brilliance of dreams
shine in her sleepy eyes today;
she was in his arms


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clock of Life (#random #thought)

covertly life leads

on similar paths frequently

to judge our learning 


The clock of life is wound but once; And yet assuming each of us as one of the hands of this clock, we make different number of rounds. Some never repeat the days or even moments of mistake, while others like me keep on passing through same point again and again. Same feelings , same pain , at a different palce , different time or maybe a different person too. while same things make us happy often , the reasons for being restless and blue are also fixed. Letting go is not a choice. Living together is no option. Simple isn’t it 😉 ??




Haiku for haiku heights

Prose for Carr on tuesday


He was used to run from love and the person of attention since he could never make space for anyone except himself in his life. It takes a lot more than conviction to stand in front of some one and make promises that are supposed to last.

She never expected him to stay but neither to leave like this – without reason or time. she had hoped the pain will fade with passing time,she and her life will take turns looking at the positive side of the break up.

They were both right and as much wrong. Their rigidity with the ideologies kept them apart forever but  never out of each other’s hearts.

It was not a happy end as you can imagine, and that specially made them proud of themselves.

like seasons around you,
let your mind differ from heart’s words
rest your obsessions


Prompted @ Creative Copy challenge  and Haiku Heights


Poems for #novpad (day 6, 5)


Uncontrolled longing,
a minute more, some more words
no mystery.am addict

Prompted @ Haiku heights (Mystery) , November PAD # 6 (Addict)


Behind the smiles,
Reality spins a different tale,
On-lookers wonder, while
Keen eyes smile with understanding,
Enough stories live within stories,
No matter how long you keep silent.
Prompted @ November PAD # 5 –  For today’s prompt, write a broken poem. The poem can be specifically about something breaking or just include something (or someone for that matter) that’s broken. Get as creative as you want about interpreting what’s broken: cars, hearts, toys, spirits, codes, etc.

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