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to let the words flow

another clean page

i see them reach other hearts

altering meaning for each

bliss beyond compare

a new post on blog.

Here i attempted to merge two haikus to make sense either read alone or as a poem.

Prompted @ Haiku Heights and Sunday Scribbling

And to add this felling is the fact that Radhika (her blog hyperlinked) presented me with this Award :

What i remember first thing about Radhika’s blog is her post Then (hyperlinked) . She has such briliance in her writing as if words align into sentence as per her desire !! Read her to be amazed and entertained like never before !!

As per the rules of theis award, i pass this to few of the bloggers i enjoy reading every week :

Brian , MoonWriter , Desert Rose , Leo , Jingle , Anthony , Buttercup , G-Man

Am sure i have missed few. Will add them later on.

(Awarded people  are supposed to please pass on this award to 4 (or more) bloogers )

Image Source

Words in my head

When love passes by you;

this storm has the fury;

to create its own way;

destroying you as it go

something new or someone dead.


(words by me, image source mentioned below)


I was just there

your thoughts passed by

your smile

healing my wounds

that your words left behind.


Appreciation heals

the oldest marks of rejection

not words,but your thought


Appreciate every

moment passing by your day

treat it like your best


This was one of the most random post i wrote here. Taking all prompts at once, letting them mix and compete with each other, and finally penning whatever won the fight in my mind. Please bear with me this week !

(Following image is not my creation. Adding it here since it goes with my sentiments )

Image source

Prompted / submitted to OSI , sunday Scribblings , Haiku Heights , 6WS


“Face of faith changed for me”

Faith. The word inspires varies emotions in my heart , mind and soul. Faith on your family not to desert you; on the love you thought will never let you feel low;on the friend you never knew could make you cry so much;on yourself whose real power you never can fathom unless forced to.with every person, it changes its face, meaning and extent of its being between you and the concerned person. Strangely, it never leaves you even when broken. for long you keep searching reasons for its loss, searching for either excuses or ways to hurt it back. so where does this leave us ? when even you can betray the faith you have on yourself, what keeps faith living ? Answer is different to each individual.  for me, the faith people instill in me and keep on me keeps me working to preserve it. what keeps your faith safe ?

empty eyes;torn hearts;

faith only let life find place;

the resurrection.

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings & 6 word Saturday

Submitted to OSI and Haiku Heights

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“Festivals away from home;hurts lots”

Written for 6 Word Saturday !

is a festival

meaningful just for the cause;

but does not teach love

Written for Haiku Heights

Also submitted to One shot Wednesday

About the Image  : This image is used to depict the indian festival Raksha bandhan celebrated among siblings (a brother and sister mostly) but in a way it promotes brotherhood among any two people celebrating it with each other.