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I liked the rush, I liked the crunch. Never did look back at the fallout. I knew I wasn’t alone in the vast desert road as I frequently heard the howling animals follow my trail, while still hidden in the shrubs. I was not scared or worried, instead, I felt alive for the first time in years.

He hit send on the latest entry for the blog he was maintaining to record his daily progress and thoughts he had on his last adventure.

A thousand miles away, sitting in her bed, she read the blog as soon as it was published. This was her only connection to his world since he walked out if it to follow his passion.

Inspired by First Line Friday and Six sentence story

#fridayfotofiction – Him.

“You can’t love me,you can’t talk about me and you certainly will not search me if I am gone”
“You mean, when you are gone” , she corrected him
He frowned. Did she even understand what he had just said , he wondered.
As if reading his mind, she smiled and typed a little more
“You can not stop me from loving you ,rest I will promise to follow. But am telling you, this is not the last time you will hear from me”and then she logged out from that id forever. She knew he would delete his account immediately.
Years later she published a book and her interviews filled the papers. He smiled looking at her photograph. He would have to read the book; she was bound to write about him, to him.
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This is my 100(ish) word story for

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Need you – National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo #1)

Here are 2 places I am gonna haunt for prompts and reading :

Poem a day


And of course am gonna write too 😀

SO here we go :

Each week, you return to me
with no new words or messages,
each week I welcome still
with open arms,smiling
at the god’s gift
even for time being.
I tell my fears and secrets
in details,shamelessly
to you alone and spaces
that your kisses leave
between my curses
to you,myself and living,
struggling to be free
of either you or the habit
to need, regularly.

Written for PAD#1 : To write a communication Poem


source : imgfave.com

Words, feelings and pauses,

she knew her stance with him,

she saw not where his lines were

but she did fit her cursive style well.

The spaces felt redundant often,

fingers wrote what ink failed,

envelop of hugs carried letters

of dreams shared never before.

Not like the detailed paintings

they created in the past – but

overlapping lines of modern art,

they merged in colors and tones

whispered in the clear cuts

and slept within the blurred

boundaries.the painting had a life.

At the Grocer’s

She picked her stuff like colors – yellow bell peppers , green beans , cottage cheese , ripe tomatoes , onions , and lot of spices. He watched her with a curious look.

Finally he dared to ask , “Darling, are you cooking tonight ?”
“Not today. But very soon I will.”
“Then this shopping ?”
“My cooking classes begin tomorrow.” she proudly declared.

Prompted by vivekisms to write a 55 word story  on “At the Grocer’s”