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Let the darkness be,
It does not matter anymore,
Let it spread inside out
Or seep a bit from sides,
It does not matter today.
Let people assume we follow them,
Or some one making us lead him,
What difference would it make,
We are , we would be like this
Always stuck between leaders and a pack.
But it does not matter today.
‘Cause today i sit beside you
And realize I only need you
To hear my silence and reply likewise,
I depend on you to ask me anything
But not expect any sensible reply.
I instead unwrap my curiosities
And feed them to imagination
Losing myself in the taste of kisses
That i steal at every red light.

Stones from day 5-8/365

the vacant plot
of yellow grass,
once dead tired
of loneliness;
now sings aloud
of tiny pair of feet
rushing to swings –
new year gift to park.

next to godliness,
she learned as a child;
and so she feeds
to the ants at her door,
daily sugar and rice.

he focused hard
on the steaming cup
of over sweet tea
paid by a stranger,
overlooking the dog
that shared his meal
without invitation.

each day presented
a new trouble in life,
nothing could he hold
except her love filled time,
neither money nor family
understood his needs,
yet life moved on,
her words guide his feet.


Every moment has a “WOW” factor, If only you observe and appreciate.


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wo aisi pagli hai …

This time the image inspired in me a poem in mother tongue hindi .. So i wrote it first and later tried to capture the idea in english.


uski har ek hansi ke liye ,
din raat duayein karti hai,
uski har ek khushi ke liye
nit naye geet wo likhti hai,
uske sab andaaz saheje dil me
chup chaap palkein nam rehti hain
wo hasil hoga ya nahi kabhi
uske ek jawaab se darti hai …
kaid ho jaise ik bottle me
gin gin ke saanse bharti hai,
bikharegi ek din kaanch ki tarah
is naseeb se pal pal ladti hai ..
shabdon ke jaal jo bunti hai
ye pata hai ki chot milegi
fir bhi uski baahon me hi hasti hai.

image by Manu Pombrol

trapped in a glass bottle,
the one that might break any time,
she fights her own words,
that predict her teary destiny …
praying for his smiles,
she pens melodies to entertain,
knowing well this too shall pass,
she awaits the welcoming pain.