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wo aisi pagli hai …

This time the image inspired in me a poem in mother tongue hindi .. So i wrote it first and later tried to capture the idea in english.


uski har ek hansi ke liye ,
din raat duayein karti hai,
uski har ek khushi ke liye
nit naye geet wo likhti hai,
uske sab andaaz saheje dil me
chup chaap palkein nam rehti hain
wo hasil hoga ya nahi kabhi
uske ek jawaab se darti hai …
kaid ho jaise ik bottle me
gin gin ke saanse bharti hai,
bikharegi ek din kaanch ki tarah
is naseeb se pal pal ladti hai ..
shabdon ke jaal jo bunti hai
ye pata hai ki chot milegi
fir bhi uski baahon me hi hasti hai.

image by Manu Pombrol

trapped in a glass bottle,
the one that might break any time,
she fights her own words,
that predict her teary destiny …
praying for his smiles,
she pens melodies to entertain,
knowing well this too shall pass,
she awaits the welcoming pain.

Musical Memory – 3 and a #hindi poem

He hated most of the music from bollywood.

He hated most of the songs with sad lyrics [ I was the emo fool you see since beginning]

He hated Atif Aslam..

and yet, he loved this song …

He even dedicated this to me one day when I cried [ I was missing home too much so I cried on his call ]

Of course I smiled ; He dedicated nothing to any  one. I felt special for sure.

So here’s the song – Kuch Is tarah :


and here’s a poem I wrote yesterday afternoon while I was listening to this song.

[It is in hindi , english translation might follow some day]


kuch is tarah…
bol ek geet ke,
jaadu sangeet ka
yaadein ek meet ki..

tere chehre par
khushi merei aas ki
dukh mere raaz ka,
hansi meri yaad ki..


gam hain ye tere
tohfa ek mulakaat ka
zakhm ek jazbaat ka
kissa kisi ke izhaar ka..


sun meri ye guzarish
saza jo bhi ho meri
kabool har shart teri
baat ho bas teri meri.

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

And here are other musical memories :

Musical Memory Post 2 shared by Poohi

do let me know of your memories attached to songs if you like !

Till next Week !

keep listening to music of your choice !!

And share good ones with all !