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Love-ly Month

“Love is in the air”
you can feel it yourself
more in feb,than any time
for all the sweet days
that fall in line –
start with a rose,
and a choclate then,
hug your love close
and kiss for the next,
All this comes,
before the fourteenth
and how special that is,
do i need to tell you this ?


(The words in boldย are the actual days celebrated in month of Feb.)

Written for Months of year challenge – Feb


Often we miss people who are far from us (physically at times and sometimes out of all contact) , but have you ever missed the way you felt when the person you think was around –ย  ever wanted to be touched again the way that magical moment happened. To bask in the warmth of that hug which moved you most ! The one moment that sealed your bond with the other person – be it friend, lover or your girlfriend.

The tears wiped on the other shoulder,

the bear hugs on surprise gifts and visits,

the understanding “jaadoo ki jaffi(hug)” without reason or time,

the fitting 5 people in place for 3 at night outs,

the talks shared in the balcony of friend’s place in a clear night,

the hug of your irritating teenage stinking brother,

the conscious hug my dad gave me when i left for college,

the farewell hugs(each one was as hurting) ,

the >:D< , the #twugs and so on…


like stranger senses work
recreate the memories at will
the voids in heart filled


Submitted to Z to A challenge – H , Haiku Heights , Sunday Scribblings

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