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West wind

It was another ordinary night. The bright broad moon outside yawned in boredom and eagerly waited to go push the sun out of the bed and take his warm spot instead.

She smiled, thinking of the golden sunsets that she had witnessed in the pool last weekend. The sun sure knew to make grand entry and exits most days.

She was quite lost in her thoughts when she felt the first gust of west winds. She giggled as her best friend joined her , playing with her and nudging the creatures awake and out in open on Earth below.

“Wasn’t expecting you tonight wind” , Moon said , her attention still on the tides trying to reach her.

“Well, it’s been a long winters that I been trapped indoors. Wanted to take a stock of the land before my man steps out”

“Ah! Mr summer is finally ready to roll ?”

“Yeah, hopefully soon though the house be very cold when Mr Winter retires there, You know what ai mean” she giggled and went her way to announce the onset of spring.


Spring is almost here in Canada and as per Greek mythology Zephyrus was the personification of the west wind and the bringer of light spring and early summer breezes.


Inspired by Twiglet#117 prompt.


“It’s their perception, you know” he said

“Yes, it is. But nothing that can not change” she said with more optimism than she felt.

“We decided to do this. I know you don’t agree but let’s not have any regrets please.”

“It wasn’t a substitute. We do want to start a family. Just not this year maybe.”

“That you and I know. Others don’t. Let them say what they want.”

“It’s just not fair. Working in a foreign country or making money is not same as having a child.its not a bargain.. I mean what even are these people thinking ..”

He sighed ! She isn’t going to forget this any soon. Probably she won’t even forgive herself for this decision.