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Live and Let Live

Some thing very hurtful was said to me yesterday. And it reminded me how tribal people used to make a tree fall by gathering around it and swearing at it daily. The tree would eventually die and fall on its own.
i realize that the negatives thrown at me are meant to kill my spirit and make me fall
but if i can counter them with the love of people who know me and by loving all the same way or more , i can rise above all this.
So Here’s a hope , a prayer , a wish and a request Β – Live and let live. Life is beautiful when you let go of your hurt . Hurting some one will not bring back your joy. I might fade into oblivion but I know i have touched many hearts while I was here. and I will keep loving all the same way.

anther thought ..

you drive me insane; actually you have managed to do this years back. now.. well now you just paint it a shade darker and damp.. dark enough to hit me hard and damp with the pain, i carry for days. it creeps me like some worm infested fruit that am forced to eat. no wonder it leaves a bad puking taste in the mouth. even the friendly consolations that its all in my head and not real, does not change the fact that it makes me inhuman. always like that to others trying to be close to me. will it drive you away is not a fear i live with , but a nightmare i wake up from each night…

Offline for a while

I hurt my foot – poor ankle got a muscle teared from the joint and the joint has come bit lose to try moving here and there when I try to walk ! So mother dear has ordered me to be at home under her care [ and of course the awesome food and gossips from her ]. the only dark cloud in this sunny skies is the fact that I have no net access when am at home [ another of mother’s rule which will take another few months to change , that too after a mini revolution you see].

So till am offline,

Keep writing good and reading well πŸ™‚

Will miss ya my world of bloggers !

A lonely soul

NaPoWriMo Day#6 prompt was “Ekphrastic Poetry” . I had always wanted to write on a musical prompt to see how much I can engage myself in a musical piece. After listening to many videos , this one caught my attention and so the following lines were crafted –



In land of mortals,
I walked proud and tall,
smiles in my pockets
butterfly dreams to walk.
In lanes of beauty
I grew without care
till my soul hummed,
and sang happy tales.
Devil incarnate
you set your eyes on me
trapped in neither world
I was doomed to be.
a long time you took
to set the traps right
was it not hard on you,
to burn in the same fire!
stripped of all logic
In dungeons my soul rot
day by day it sank deeper
scared to see any hope.
I dreamed of you still
feeding on the sole desire,
to taste your pain once
and breath into your fire.
To whisper in your ears
words that were unknown
to be punished severely
for sins i only thought.
did i amuse you enough
or were you hurt as much
from the idea of my love
from the passion in my touch ?
Since the day you vanished
I wonder why you left me so,
mending, hurting, bleeding,
a lonely heart,a battered soul.

Your words

command what you say
before you turn sarcastic
it’s wasted on me.

I really am no naive that I do not understand your anger. I also know when you are being sarcastic about some thing. But It makes me laugh most times. I do not get the whole concept of mocking what happened or what not. Can you not say in plain words if you are so much upset about it ?

I hope next time you remember this ’cause I am so not going to help your cause otherwise. I can and will probably go along with your words and irritate you more.

And even though it hurts me as much , I will make sure I do not let you know about it then. Later, you will pay the price trust me !

Inspired by Letters I’ll never send , OSI , Haiku Heights

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