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Spicy Memories

Certain words fondly nudge
memories of making merry
On a house boat;In the river
Meandering across villages
No more than ten homes big,
serving the best toddy
spiciest fish, scrambled eggs
and noodles.
Simple food by strangers
served with love stay life long.
This is a Quadrille (poem of exact 44 words) as prompted on dVerse and also linked to the Toads .
*Toddy is the south indian name for palm wine created fresh from the coconut palmtreesin villages. It smells pungent but is very delicious.

This girl who taught me love

This is not the whole poem but just the closing lines , ’cause I think it suits the Kerry’s Wednesday challenge for this week  :

she taught me patience,
and she taught me to cry with grace,
as the lovers bond over calls,
every touch demands her to wait.
This girl who taught me love…
she taught me love,
she taught me to believe my soul,
she says love always win
if you let it lead your actions
and control every of your thought.
This girl who taught me love…
she taught me to not care,
for all lovers appear the same,
no one is a perfect match,
but imperfect has a class, she says.
This girl who taught me love…

Stones from day 5-8/365

the vacant plot
of yellow grass,
once dead tired
of loneliness;
now sings aloud
of tiny pair of feet
rushing to swings –
new year gift to park.

next to godliness,
she learned as a child;
and so she feeds
to the ants at her door,
daily sugar and rice.

he focused hard
on the steaming cup
of over sweet tea
paid by a stranger,
overlooking the dog
that shared his meal
without invitation.

each day presented
a new trouble in life,
nothing could he hold
except her love filled time,
neither money nor family
understood his needs,
yet life moved on,
her words guide his feet.


Every moment has a “WOW” factor, If only you observe and appreciate.


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