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Design flaw #fridayfotofiction

“What are you looking at”
“Your life chart”
“Is my life so complicated that you need a board to map my fate?”
“No. I made it simple enough for you to follow, but you decided to corrupt the design”
“Well, get on with it then. I do not have much time before the next meeting”
“I know. And that’s the problem. I cannot figure how you survived so long.”
“What does that even mean?”
“Ah! Found it. I set the threshold too low. This should work”
“Threshold for what.. “ , the man stopped saying as he saw multiple possibilities revolve around him like doors of various shape and colours.
God smiled at his creation. What would the man do without a decent imagination?
This is my 100(ish) word story for

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Just my Imagination

Where were you last night ?I  tried to reach you ..
I forgot my cell.
Where did you go ?
I went to a party with a lady friend.
you were with her all night ?
Yes.It was fun.
You said Its cool. Right ?
Umm.. NO!
Ha ! Knew that.Was testing you.
So the lady..
Just my Imagination. 😉

Inspired by one of my fav track “Just my Imagination” which also was the first thing i was reminded of from letter J.

Submitted to Friday flash55 & Z to A challenge – J