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Encourage & Inspire

We often talk about encouraging kids to try new things , not to worry about failing, and to move on with lessons learned. But have we ever thought that adults need more encouragement.

Kids do not have a sense of boundary. They do not bother of failure unless some one ( other kids / adults ) make them realize that. If you tell a kid the good he has done by trying , he will be content. He will try again and work harder on his mistakes on little encouragement. But not the same with most adults.

How many of us can accept failure and try again and again without support ? It is flattering  to think or declare yourself as independent and strong , but behind every one of us stands a person who has never stopped believing in us . Treating us like the kid who needs to be shown the good of trying and failing and to keep saying “I believe in you”. Have we not been once in a while inspired by random strangers or news articles or example of some one making it large in life just by passion and diligence ? Inspired people are inspiring. Inspiring ones are encouraging ones too.

Learning a new hobby , starting a new career, Trying a new haircut or even new style of dressing can sometime be so easy if you have a word of encouragement and compliment thrown your way.

This blog would not have so many posts if the comments would not have been encouraging. The poetry e book would not have been possible if some of the friends and my mother would not have let me leave few daily tasks and just write as and when I wanted , reading and suggesting new voices for my ideas. I would not have learned to cook anything good without my roomie and mom trying what I made and encouraging to keep trying till I master, adding their own ideas into the mix.

ENCOURAGEMENT & INSPIRATION is always needed by everyone.

Thank those wonderful people in your life who encourage you. And if you do not find that person around you , none to fit the bill, do not be bitter. you can and should be that person for some one else’s life. Encourage and maybe you will find encouragement for yourself in abundance. Inspire & Inspiration will grace your day.


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Lets create happiness

We all have searched happiness outside our self , our home , our work – basically OUTSIDE.

while happiness is an energy source that is inside you , trapped within the layers of your heart. Its like the butter kept in the freezer – all it needs is a warm ray of  hope and smile to flow free into your life.

you have to decide what makes you happy and its essential you become the creator of that happiness , rather than depending on others.

This reminds me of a conversation with a friend. I love cooking, but I can not enjoy the food alone. Only when I have a company to eat(and praise) the food , I can be really happy. My friend pointed out to me that I can not be happy this way whenever I want. I need people and I need them to like my food too, both of which are not in my control. He said ,

“If something makes you happy , no matter if you are alone or in a crowd , if it can change your frown into smile as per your bidding and time , THAT is the reason or source you should hold on to”

I have always followed this since that conversation, 3 years back.

Happiness is to create smiles and hopes around you. Sometimes its by treating yourself to special attention and sometimes treating others the way you will like to be treated.

I find my happiness in books , music and mostly in writing.

To write and read others’ ideas on similar prompt or feelings is what makes me feel at peace.

To that spirit of happiness and sharing , Happy new year to you all.

Keep writing & stay happy.

This reminds me of a commercial ad :





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Dear couples

To all the couples I have known or met – the engaged , married or the lovers;

I am sorry.
I am sorry to question why you would not find time for me.
I am sorry to think that you “have” no time for any one except yourself and your partner.
I am sorry to assume you have no need for other friends.
I am disappointed with myself I wanted to mention but then how was i supposed to know what it is to be linked so with another person.

Having said that, I still do not understand why I still want to get away at times.
I want him to be around but also be on my own sometimes.
I want to meet people who do not know him or talk about so maybe I can tell them about him.
I want to try things we both do not know about or like much.
I want to know the world from eyes and ear different from mine or him or ours.
I love him and i can not say it well or enough times every day but I still fear losing myself within ourself or finding him lost same way.
I need things and people to talk about when I meet him and not just go over our shared experiences.

So, yes I am sorry to judge without bias.
But I am still glad I have friends who have helped me not to be like some of you.

PS : That gets me to another realization. Few of my friends have been assuming I am too busy or occupied to meet them. Now this post might never reach them but to every one reading this, I hope you keep your friends close and never lose that touch with anyone you met before your partner came to your life.



Phantom emails

Sometimes when I write to you, and you do not reply , I wish there was some way I could know the email reached you. That you read it and understood it.As if sitting across you, I could see the expressions on your face.

I imagine getting up in the morning and wondering how would a phantom reply from you look like ? What color would my inbox show it in ? Red of love or Grey of wait or the ink blue of expectations ? I imagine you thinking of a reply in your head but not typing it. Can we have an access to such a storage capacity ? where all unwritten replies are kept . Can I log in there and ask if you have unknowingly left some words for me there ? Do they stack the emails by sender name or by receiver ?

And yet , getting up to your messages definitely cheers me. No matter how hard it was to get any sleep last night. No matter what I wrote in the email last night. No matter whether you read that or chose not to reply.

The day belongs to you, to Love, to you loving me.
The day belongs to the smiles your love bring to me.

Travel time and random observations

At times , we notice things which stay in our memories. Somethings we notice daily without fail or make a habit of noticing every time we pass through same place or meet same person. Maybe useless observations to most people , but still so much fun to you. That is a part of awareness of brain and interaction of different senses at that particular time. More like a context. Like a particular smell will ALWAYS remind you of some one, or a song is associated to some person. Such memory mappings are usually random when they first happen and later we do it consciously. Like I always search for a particular building when I travel from my place to nearest market. I just know when I will cross it and I try to locate if some one has started living there or not.

Now days all around you, we find people busy with themselves – on call , listening to music on earphones , reading, working offline , or sleeping at times. The sleeping ones and the reading ones are excused but for the rest , I feel they are losing so much in the time they are being so busy. Travelling should be treated as a break from every one and everything around. Being occupied all times dulls the senses. Travelling with open mind and senses aware , can be so relaxing and refreshing. One should at times just enjoy the feeling of journey – Each pause and acceleration.

Feel the flow of the vehicle you are in; or the rhythm of your steps as you walk – ’cause that’s how life is best enjoyed. In those few moments we are on our own , and can afford to switch off the world in our hearts.

Wisdom finds me

Wisdom comes to you from unexpected places and people too. Same way, a reminder to be aware comes at unexprected times.

As I went for the daily walk with my friend today morning , we were stopped by an aged guy walking in direction opposite to us. He asked if we were students ( I wish I really looked that young 😉 ) and so on. Before we parted , he asked do you know the name of India’s first PM and President ? Well, I did. And the latest he asked. I did know that too. He was pleased. And I was pleased to see that smile at his face. And that moment I thanked all my teachers and my friends now who keep me aware of the world around me.

Half an hour later, in the vegetable shop, me and my friend were discussing about some shopping we did last week. And I casually said “have you gone mad?” to her. An aged guy turned to us and asked if it was really necessary to say that one sentence. I was totally embarrassed. He did not stop at that and kept adressing everyone in general, adding “if only such sentences could be avoided, there would be so less fights and arguements.” So true ! I reflected as I came back home. We really have spoiled our manners and conversation skills. Its not wrong to be polite to all and at all times.

Thank you Oh wise older generation !
We still have a lot to learn and preserve …


How can you make your dream true and let it not shatter too ? How does one dispel the fears and doubts that you have  in yourself. Yesterday I was watching the dewarists show on TV. Every episode of this show has inspired me not for the wonderful music they make but more with the passion with which it is done. The fun that they have in making the song – right from the collaboration , the lyrics and the music.

And I realized that unless you believe in a dream, unless you are willing to share it, it is never going to be true. As a friend told me last night, at every step, there are going to be people who would think you are wasting your time. Many will think, this is not the way to be rich and famous. But you decide, what is your driving factor ? is it money , fame or just a satisfaction that you are doing what makes you happy. There is a limit to each factor and there are boundaries you stretch. Priorities change or maybe new ones come into picture. there are days when you might be tired or just want to give up. But patience and faith in your work keeps you going. And when you stand back and look at it, even if it did not come put as great as you wanted, it will sure make you proud ! you do not have to wonder why you think a little different from others around you. Or if it will even work in the end. The bottom line is you have a idea and you are willing to work on it. That content smile is what I am working at. That sense of freedom from my own thoughts. To take it up not as a hobby but more as a project that needs my time and attention more than anything.

And the lessons learned –

Be true ! Be patient ! work hard and Dream on !!


Here is the show promo where Raghu dixit and Guru Rewben talk about the beginning of their journey :


And here is the whole show if you want to check. The song at the end is really worth it 😀


Music and Me

There are few things that become personal, some stay so, and some are kept this way. My love has never been one of them sadly, even if the target off all that love always been a secret even to me. then I came across poetry. From being a friend, secret keeper , companion of lonely nights, lover and now my God ! And who can keep Gods a secret ? they should never be made personal I feel, so I share it with all.

The same is the case with music. I like sharing lyrics I like, the music I get attached to, the beats that make me sway, and lot more with people around me. But music is still very personal to me. I prefer not to hear my choice of songs when people are around me, unless I use a headphone. I connect to music in a way I can not explain. Most of the songs I hear are inked on my heart with memories stamped on them. When the music flow, my ideas hold their hands and dance along, my smiles and tears find home with the songs I love. And so I hesitate sharing them with others. I do not want people interrupting this heavenly kiss, or to ridicule my choice of music,even if it is atrocious for them.

The songs are my lovers outside my wedding to life. And It will take ages before I find a place for another person between me and music.


anther thought ..

you drive me insane; actually you have managed to do this years back. now.. well now you just paint it a shade darker and damp.. dark enough to hit me hard and damp with the pain, i carry for days. it creeps me like some worm infested fruit that am forced to eat. no wonder it leaves a bad puking taste in the mouth. even the friendly consolations that its all in my head and not real, does not change the fact that it makes me inhuman. always like that to others trying to be close to me. will it drive you away is not a fear i live with , but a nightmare i wake up from each night…

Qualified to wed

Smiling faces with prying eyes,
humor laced words flow back and forth.
The guy appears shy –
the centre of attraction though,
His parents narrating the worth –
education, wealth,family and future,
Her parents look pleased
and curious enough to ask bit more –
Its the girl’s turn now
to be talked of in similar details
education, skills,hobbies and plans –
two kings describing their treasure trails.
All eyes now set in anticipation,
immediately the girl is gestured to come
with a smile pasted on the nervous face
she enters bearing the burden of family name.
The guy gives a hurried look,
one towards the girl,another to his folks
and the decision is sealed,
they did not like what they came to see.
she knows it well –
knew it before she stepped in front
she does not have a pretty face
nor the body blessed with grace.
It matters not,how well she read
or the fact she earned family’s bread –
It was a shame she didn’t look good
all other qualifications were put to end.

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