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In bed

“So where were you this weekend?” he asked as soon as he saw me enter the corridor.
“In bed”, I replied, trying not to sbe stopped there for a chat.
“With ?”,he asked with a naughty smile, in a not-so-low manner.
“with a high temperature and headache”, I snapped back at him, irritated at answering the same joke to all.

He scowled at me and walked off, eating any other comment he wished to further make.
Perfect V day beginning, I muttered under my breath. If only he would stop acting so smart ass always, I thought and went the opposite way.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Dili challenged me with “If you always try to sound smart you will end up coming out dumb.” and I challenged Leo with “Image prompt : http://pull.imgfave.netdna-cdn.com/imag … 02864.jpeg

No wedding without him

That wasn’t supposed to happen. The wedding could not happen without him. And yet, there was no news of his whereabouts. 12 Hours before she sat in front of the sacred fire, she was excited and nervous like all brides but not for the life that awaited her. She was anxious to see him, to see his smile as she appeared in her wedding attire and his “i knew it” eye roll. She smiled at the thought while keeping an eye on her phone.

It suddenly lit up. A message from him

“You sure about this ?”

“Do not be late” , she texted back
“You deserve better than me, I repeat.”
“I know, you have said it enough times”
“I left you so many times”
“and yet you returned each time”
“This time was the longest”
“3 years.Thanks for returning. See you tomorrow.”
“It will be a pleasure to see you married finally”
“Yeah, and to free you from me”
“Wow. I can date any number of girls after tomorrow”
“Sure, Just send me the best stories”
“You still the same.Shameless and fun”
“Like always.Bye now. I need my beauty sleep”
“Love you princess. Hope your prince treats you better than me”

She did not want to reply to that.She did not know what to say.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Diane challenged me with “You deserve much better than me.” and I challenged Michael with “A bottle and a glass together changed the night for her; something even his smile could not”

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The need

In unknown lands that do not feel that way , She sat wondering about herself and what led her here. He paced in the room without reason, occasionally looking at her and nodding in approval. He knew not why he was there with her, more importantly, why she chose to bring him along on this journey.She smiled at him, as if reading his thoughts. He finally gave up all his thoughts and joined her in bed. Collecting her in his arms, he kissed her forehead.

“This is perfect.” she whispered to herself.

“you really think so ? You do not even know me” he laughed lightly and hugged her close.

“I know your words , and my words know you.”

” One can not live off words these days”

“Can you not ?” , she asked with disbelief.

“You look determined to prove me wrong”

“We’ll make believe we never needed any more than words”

“or this” he finished her sentence, like they been doing from last few months.

“yes, we only need us and our words”.

He smiled at her grin. She grinned further finding the love in his eyes.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Cheney challenged me with “We’ll make believe we never needed any more than this.” and I challenged Steffani with “will the room cease to exist, if there was no wall ? Or will it become a larger room. Will he like that, I wonder”


She was scared. Nervous actually, she corrected herself. The roads were packed with people and vehicles.The noises were almost deafening. The drums , excited children, frustrated grown-ups, irritated shopkeepers – all add to the set of voices that together troubled her a bit.  She loved lonely walks, yet never ventured out of her neighbourhood alone. Ironic that it may sound, her wandering habbits were limited to within 10 miles of her home. “Never at home , never so far from home either” , her mother’s favorite line about her. She always felt there was a different meaning of this line.

She had travelled from far in search of some answers. She could not let her fears paralyze her now. She looked around , feeling scared from every harsh look at her. she felt so tiny, she wanted to vanish some how. And then the music hit her. She had never heard anything like that. The drums faded from her ears, all she felt was a heart beat – not hers she soon realized, but of the approaching circle of people. Dressed in black, some men and women , equal in munbers, had formed a circle with a speaker in the middle. They slowly started a chant, clapping their right hand on left side of the chest – exactly above te heart. It was as rythmic as it could be, and it was heard clearly. Very clearly she mused,looking around. Every one had falled silent. She could feel the skin on her arms tingle with excitement. She was losing herself in the music and getting dragged into the crowd.She did not resist it even once. Soon she found herself a part of the circle moving  sideways as she added her silent clap to the song.The speaker turned to her, gave a smile and said in a whisper , “You are the odd one. Welcome. We been looking for your questions.Here the road ends for you.” And then everything spaced out. She found herself standing in the middle of the road, people staring at her with concern and confusion. but the music lingered in her soul. And that she followed from there on , all life long, in search of the speaker, who for once showed her the home she wished and the way to find it.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Jay Andrew Allen challenged me with “Never been so far from home” and I challenged Jen O. with “Open the page of your favorite book/ or have your favorite poem or story (first 10-15 lines) open in front of you. Pick one word from each line of it and write something using every of those word.”